Photography: My Sister

March 24th 2011 / 1 minute to read

My sister stopped by today so I could shoot some photos of her, I would love and appreciate any and all feedback!

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I love them. The lighting is beautiful. I love the first picture with the dirt on her feet. I’d love to know the lens you used!

Thank you! I used my 85mm f/1.8 for all the shots!

Your photography inspires me to go out and buy a real camera! I love your photos. Everything you shoot seems to have soul.

THANK YOU!!! Oh lol I don’t have a fancy camera, I would love well… there’s a lot of new lenses and bodies I would like to have! I think light worked in our favor for sure today.

I have a canon rebel xs and the lens that came with the kit… i would love a flash and a couple lenses and filters!

I highly suggest getting the 50mm. It’s SUPER affordable even on Canon! It will make a WORLD of difference in your photos I promise!


Great shots. Do you use any photoshop actions or do you just do all of your editing individually?

My favorite is the fourth down from the top. Love the color in all of them. Excellent!

Reply to nicole

Well I do 60% of it when processing from RAW to jpg. Actually the majority of the time it’s 100% lol but lately been playing with actions more, this time Florabella. I can’t do them straight though, I usually don’t go higher than 40% opacity and usually combine 2-3 actions.


I love the fourth one down… something about it really speaks to me.

Reply to cheryl

AWESOME thank you!

Katie Seelinger

Very beautiful, as always :) You really have a talent for capturing a very special moment in people and their “essence” if will. The colors and tones are all gorgeous as well! Do you do any birth photography? I’ll bet you would be awesome.

Reply to Katie Seelinger

Aww thank you! I’ve never done birth photography… I don’t know if I could handle it honestly, because of my own birth issues.

Katie Seelinger

I can certainly understand that. Through his work, my husband has shown my that art can be very transformational, so maybe it could be a way of healing for you with regards to birth related work. Sorry if I speak out of turn, you are just so very talented :)

Reply to Katie Seelinger

Oh no its fine! I’ve had people ask me about it before but 1. my own issues and 2. would be scared to screw it up lol.

I like how pretty her hair and eyes look in the very last photo. Wonder how the photo would look cropped into a head shot.

Funny enough she and I were discussing a crop! I’ll have to maybe do it tomorrow and see how it looks!

Great photos, Sarah! The composition and light in all of these is just perfect. My favorite shot? The third one. I’m curious as to what she was thinking and feeling at the time. :)

LOL honestly? That she was cold! It was FREEZING outside!


OMG Beautiful photos!! I especially like the first one. AWESOME!!!!

Reply to Jenny

Yay thank you Jenny!!


Wow amazing pictures!!!

Reply to Damita

Thank you so much Damita!

Thank you!

I love the first one the best with the wet earth on her feet and the kind of black and white with the bits of colors in her tatoos (photography illiterate here).
Beatiful sister and wonderful photos.

Thank you!! She was so brave as it was freaking frigid that day!


Great photos! My favorite is the 5th one down, I love that you got the bottom of her foot and you can see the mud on it just makes it perfect I think!

Reply to Kris

Thank you! I think overall that photo is the one every seems to be raving over!


So I can’t speak to any technical photography stuff because I’m totally photo illiterate. But I can speak to general beauty and emotion, and while all of these photos are gorgeous, I especially love the ones showing the soil on her feet. They’re so earthy and natural (in the best and most beautiful sorts of ways).

Reply to Kristen

Thank you so much!! Everyone seems to love that photo LOL! I think it worked out VERY well considering how cold it was, but the light was perfect for the “mood” of the shot and she was very brave to prance around in the icy mud for me!

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