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December 18th 2001 / 2 minutes to read

Okey what are sibling domains?

Anyways I am going to vent about site stuff. I am fustrated with my hostees. No one seems interested in promoting or participating in or a family vibe. I’ve contacted them about this. I made a hostee blog. Yet ethier I get no replies or a one word reply days or weeks later. I don’t like the thought of asking them to find new homes but I don’t know how else to go about getting my domain the way I pictured it to be. I get the hosting request, I reply accepting, email their info to get started and usually that is the last I ever hear from them. Honestly, it makes me feel slightly used. I assume part of the way I am feeling is due to hormones. For the most part though I feel I have a right to be fustrated and upset with the current situation.

Vent #2
I also am noticing quite a few sites starting projects then NEVER updating yet complaining about how they have NO time to update when people complain about the never updating. I feel if you start something that requires peoples submissions and what not then you should have planned ahead. I wonder what the web etiquette on doing a similar project?

I am still worried if we have everything the baby needs. I am also worried how the new OB wil be considering I am in my 9th month of pregnancy I will be going every week until the baby is born. Well I suppose that is it for now. Anyone have any helpful suggestions on my woes?

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