December 27th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I added four new skins!

So check out:

Skin 11
Skin 12
Skin 13
Skin 14

and let me know what you think! Just so you know, the default skin is set at the 12th skin!

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The leaf, the leaf! I love it!

Reply to Kristin

You and your skins!  I love the rose one!

Reply to Melissa

The leaf one!

Reply to Shelle

Hey Sarah, I like 11 and 12 the best. 14 is good, but the font is kinda wierd. Great layout on it though.

Reply to David

I have to say I’m a fan of the window garden, #12.  It’s simple, bright and refreshing and goes perfectly with my morning glass of green tea!  Love it!

Reply to Barb
Angel Whispers

Oh, my favorite is 11!  I love that picture and it also seems to be the one that I can read the text best.  They’re all beautiful, Sarah!  :o)

Reply to Angel Whispers

Hey Sarah,

The skins are beautiful but some of them look a bit odd in Mozilla running at 1024. I think that’s just the weird way moz renders things…it looks fine in IE though!

Reply to Karyn

ooh.. very nice. great choice of images and colouring too, well done. keep up the great work! x

Reply to audrey
Katie (hawkefairy)

The skins are awesome. I like Number 12 and 14 the best, though.

Reply to Katie (hawkefairy)

Oh the new layouts are very very nice! My favorite is number 11 – the tree image looks EXACTLY like a scene I drew from the science center at my college – the window-framing even looked the same way! :D

Reply to Megan

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