Skins once again

April 13th 2002 / 1 minute to read

Okey, so far I have it so well there is just this “skin” heh, after many omg what did I do moments, everything seems to work. I have only one issue. When I try to put my into the template, it just shows well mtcode. How can I fix that problem? Because obviously which each skin, my entries will all have different looks. Any help with this?
I did add a second skin to make sure I did everything correctly so the css still needs changing and I still desperatly need help with the, but other than that…it WORKS!!!!
Seems like anything using actual mtcode can not be put into an .inc. I am still in shock I got most everything working, except, like I said, anything using mtcode seems to need to be in my actual index template. Which is annoying me since I need *want* different looks for the entries and what not.

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