Sleep is for Wussies & Cesarean Awareness Month

April 1st 2010 / 2 minutes to read


Nothing says Spring like lilac buds!

Remember how I was complaining about my insomnia issues? Well last night I had high hopes that I would again be a “day” person because I was EXHAUSTED and in bed by 10:30pm!

Only to be woken up by my glorious boys at 2:30am. I’m scared to even try to nap because I fear I will again be up all night and I want to be up! SUNLIGHT! Warmer weather! Frolicking and taking photos! I only wish my children understood that momma needs outdoor time to be perkier and not dwell on how destroyed my uterus is.


I breed cuteness!

I was actually THRILLED to wake up today and see that it is Cesarean Awareness Month.

As a lot of you know, I’ve had two c-sections, and regardless of their medical need, I suffer from PTSD and anxiety issues (not even mentioning the physical aspect) stemming from them. I wish I knew HOW to get what I want to say, out of my head so you all could understand how devastating a c-section can be.

Maybe someday I will find a way…

Ah back to the sleep thing, when the boyfriend and both kids are asleep, it’s very hard for me to stay awake! It’s like they are luring me to the nocturnal side!

I still need to come up with something for the Natural Parenting Blog Carnival, return a bunch of books to the library, try to go to a park (we have a variety that we go to), and figure out what to make for dinner. I am open to ANY dinner suggestions!

Must remember that it’s now Spring, warm weather, awesome outdoor stuff to do, and pretty nature! Now if only that could get me through the next 8-10 hours!

Lastly, please suggest 3 blogs I should go read! I have very little brain power to DO anything, but reading I can handle!


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Craig David


Album Art for Love at First Sight

Kylie Minogue

Love at First Sight

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DJ Encore

Open Your Eyes


I think I have an idea, mostly because of the same type of anxiety and anger my mom had over her hysterectomy. I think there are a lot of feminist issues at hand when it comes to cesarean and hysterectomies. Robbing women of their bodies and reproductive rights – and thinking it won’t scar us… It’s not just an appendix. *hugs*

Reply to Sara

OH yes. Hell when I was bleeding out, I had the evil OB threatening me with a hysterectomy.

What gets me is SO many of us are treated this way by male doctors who talk down to us… yet even worse are the WOMEN who do it.


1. Okay – do you read “The Bloggess?”

I don’t normally read “popular” bloggers because I think they usually turn out to be douchecanoes, but she’s given me no reason to stop reading her yet, and I truly do enjoy every post that pops up in my reader. She’s very silly, and VERY funny, and her sarcasm makes me giggle out loud.

2. Bakerella –

Her “cake pops” are the cutest things that anyone has ever made.

3. Fertile Feminism –

Smart stuff by smart ladies.

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

OH I haven’t been to any of those blogs!! AWESOME!


You have to visit Bakeralla has to be one of the best food blogs out there!

Reply to Damita

I don’t know if it is relevant or helpful or spammy or what, but I am co-hosting a Body Image Blog carnival April 12-19th and posts relating to how having a cesarean section has affected your body image (if it did that for you – I know there is so much more to it than that, having had one myself) is one of the many themes available for writing about.

Reply to Melodie

I actually bookmarked the link to the carnival, pondering what to write, HOW to write it, etc but I will for sure be participating.


You have like the most adorable children ever! Hah!

Websites… well…

Cakewrecks is good. It’s not so much for “reading” but .. well, it always cracks me up.

And.. that’s about it. I don’t subscribe to a lot of blogs, just few “special interest” ones (according to ME), mostly knitting blogs and some palm pre related types (you know how you love your iPhone, I like my Pre) :P so yeah. Anyways, are you getting any better? How about the wee ones?

Reply to MJ

DUDE right!!

Ok going to check out the Cakewrecks site!


sorry to hear that sleep is still an issue :( rubbish times.

Erm blogs… let me think, I would say:

Other than my own of course ;) (not really a blog but an amazing website!)

Reply to Damita

Yeah it blows! I am going to see how long I can stay up today lol.

OH awesome blog links!


Eye candy:



Reply to Amy

OHH awesome links, thank you!


Oh and I hope you’re able to get some good rest soon. Insomnia sucks.

Reply to Amy

Sadly, haven’t gotten any rest, I get maybe 2-3 hours of sleep before the boys wake me up ugh.


First off… you have one of the most interesting blog layouts I’ve stumbled across, I must say. :) I like it!

Your kidlets are adorable!

As for blogs to read… hmm. I don’t really read any special blogs, I enjoy “people” blogs, so I would personally suggest…


and Caity:

…if you don’t read them yet. :) They’re both pretty popular so you might already be aware of their presence on da Intarweb. :)

I wish I could go out and snap pictures like the last one. Alas, we still have a heavy snow cover on the ground here in Finland. The only thing popping into full view this time of year is the dog poop everywhere. >:(

Reply to Jonna

Thank you so much!

OH LOL! I’ve known Jenn since 2001, we have an on again/off again type of friendship and with Caity I’ve known her on and off as well!

Oh do not get me started on animal poop. This neighborhood has SUCH an issue with stray animals, especially cats (I wrote about it).


I’m fine with our online relationship being on/on… what made it go “off”, anyway? :)

Reply to Jenn

Life and hormones lol!

I’m so sorry your csections have left such bad scars physically and emotionally. I’ve heard so many stories online and it makes me a little anxious for my delivery, but at the same time, it’s made me more knowledgeable about my options and possible outcomes.

Keep your chin up ma! I’m glad your story can inspire others like me.

PS: Your photos and kids are GORGEOUS!

And thanks for stopping by my blog for my SITS day! I’m slowly making my way through all of the commenters. You really make my day special! And I’m glad it brought me here! :)

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