September 20th 2003 / 1 minute to read

Why am I still awake? Joys of stress!

I seriously LOVE Cry’s voice! She sings… just… amazing seriously! Daniel loves it too which yay!!

So yes I got paid from everywhere I work yay, I already discussed with my Ambiekins what to do with it (as an early birthday gift to myself) it is just a matter of going through with it!

Tonight… well last night if ya wanna get techinical! I actually got into a semi “what is a Pagan?” convo with a favorite co-worker of mine. I hope it helped her understand a bit so I don’t sound all cracked out when I start babbling away sometimes.

Yes. I babble. A lot.

I am starting to get excited to see my mother next month. I have not seen her since I was 18 years old and it was January of 2000. During that time I had my son! She has not met him in person. It will be an interesting trip for that alone!!

Lovely I got my oh so joyous period a few hours ago. Cramps woohoo!

Hmm I keep yawning so I guess I shall go to bed.

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Whoa! One really pretty site ya got here!

Reply to Resha

1) Cramps suck.

2) Nifty layout.

3) Babble is fun! ^_^

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