Sleepy Babble

June 18th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

I am so tired yet I have not slept in close to 24 hours. Real smart when I am sick huh. I am just jittery I suppose…I got a lot done over at Pagan@OSN, which I hope, along with Wisdom, and Acquire, gets a lot of use and participation. I also added an updates list for OneStarryNight, you can subscribe by going to OneStarryNight and going to random. *if you have a skin that does not have random just email me your name and email address!*
Amber has a kick ass new layout! It really is awesome!
Morgan has a great new layout as well!
I feel bad for not writing, even when I have the time to blog, I just stare at the screen, wishing the words would pour forth.
Chublet has been sad the last few days, especially tonight. I think another tooth will be here soon.
I thank everyone for the Happy Father’s Day to Matt. He really appreciated it.
Perhaps I should use this last bit of jittery exhausted energy to clean the house up a bit.
I need to go through all of my links all over the place to look for dead links and what not. What fun!
I am still looking for a quite a bit more hostees. I may even host some younger people, although I will base that on participation.
I wonder if I should start a group blog? A general one, and I wouldn’t require any amount of posting, well perhaps once weekly. I would love to have Ali and Jess back here!
My mind is swimming with everything I still have yet to do for the reviews, pagan, acquire, and just everything in general. Also with the house and what not.
My good friend Keli is about to give birth to her baby girl any day now. This time last year I was hurling my guts out, heh, but Keli and I never thought we would have babies. It took almost 3 years for me to concieve Daniel and much longer for Keli to have this little girl. She will truely be Keli’s miracle baby.
Well, like always give some love, feel free to comment and participate all over OneStarryNight!

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