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Thank you everyone for the birthday comments, I really appreciate it.

My birthday well… the less said the better I suppose. I won’t make the mistake of thinking it is a special day anymore.

I haven’t been writing because I have nothing to write about. I work, I play with my son, I make dinner, I knit, I sleep.  I suppose I could start posting more knitting stuff? Not sure if anyone would be interested though.

Umm, I would like to exchange Samhain / Halloween cards and such so let me know if you’re interested!

Oh and there is a new very restricted friends group entry on my livejournal.

posted on October 22nd 2004 at 3:33PM CDT

:( What happened on your birthday? Can I read your LJ entry?

posted on October 23rd 2004 at 2:01AM CDT

I’m sorry your birthday was bad :( I’d be interested in the knitting stuff! I knit :)

posted on October 23rd 2004 at 5:47AM CDT

I really hope things work out for you, I’m sorry your birthday wasn’t what it should have been. :(