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I renewed OSN for another year… everyone rejoice!

I am too tired to bake heh… sad isn’t it?

Poor chubs… coughing in his sleep.

I removed those from Wisdom who joined and did not post.

I have, for sure, Tuesday and Wednesday off so I plan on updating all sorts of things lol.

I accepted a new hostee so keep an eye out for her!

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posted on October 26th 2003 at 1:30AM CDT

Yay for keeping OSN and new hostee-ness!  Boo for sick baby!  Sick babies make me sad…

posted on October 26th 2003 at 2:01AM CST

kekekke il look out for your new host.. yay for the renewal.

posted on October 26th 2003 at 7:30AM CST

So happy about the renewal, I have a special place for onestarrynights!

Poor Chubs, honestly we are more bothered by them being sick than they are. All our worry manages to only make us feel worse and usually get sick.  What a vicious circle we mothers weave!  Get well quick Chubs!

Too tired to bake.  I understand. I am procrastinating doing so myself right now though not for being tired but just because I’ve done so much of it as of late.  Twist needs a treat for school Tuesday though so I’m going to make this super simple apple snack cake and be done with it.

posted on October 26th 2003 at 12:54PM CST

Hello..I’m the new hostee..just kind of introducing myself.  The name’s Megan.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re baby’s sick.  I’m sick as well.  Actually, I believe everyone’s sick(or almost everyone..)!  My mother’s sick, two of my friends are…and I believe I just got my boyfriend sick.

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