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Snow Day

It snowed a bit over Christmas weekend so my husband took the kids out to play. Tristan LOVED IT! It was his first time in the snow and he played for at least 40minutes before we dragged him inside kicking and screaming. He probably would have stayed out all day if he could!

Daniel helped shovel our walkway and then played a bit with his baby brother, all in all, very awesome!

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Kimberly Gauthier Photography
posted on December 28th 2010 at 4:35PM CST

We had snow Thanksgiving week. They talking about more snow
this week, but I doubt it. I think we’ll have to wait until
January. I have two puppies and this is their first winter and
November’s snow was their first – I froze watching them play in the
snow. I used to hate snow, but now I love it. Watching the kids in
our neighborhood climb up or long, steep hill with their sleds
cracks me up. Why in the world do they wear black at night on a
hill with no shoulders or street lights? Ahhh to be a kid

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:09PM CST

I think we might get more snow this weekend, I hope so, maybe I will be brave enough to actually go outside and get more photos lol.

posted on December 28th 2010 at 4:40PM CST

That’s so awesome he loves the snow!!! Sounds like someone is due for a little sledding trip on a bunny hill? :D

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:10PM CST

AH it would be so cute seeing him on a sled!

I am actually testy about the sled topic because LAST year I bought TWO different types of sleds for Danny and I let my father & brother take him sledding ONE DAY and never got the sleds back.

So this year I need to find a new sled, again. Which is hard to do end of December lol.

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:36PM CST

Bah! That’s lame of them. I know how that goes with stolen sleds though, it’s happened to me a lot. Tristan is so little you could stick him in a mixing bowl down the hill, lol! Seriously though, you might try Ace Hardware. I’ve found sleds there before.

posted on December 29th 2010 at 4:23AM CST

Lame but not surprising. Sadly.

HAHAHA omg I have a total mental image of putting the baby in our HUGE mixing bowl now!

I didn’t know Ace sold sleds! Maybe I will be able to pick one up tomorrow!

posted on December 29th 2010 at 6:43PM CST

I don’t know if you got the sleds yet, but if you can, check out the Zipfy. They’re really light so the kids can get them up the hills themselves, and they’re small so you can throw them in the trunk and go sledding anywhere, very durable, and even good if mom or dad want to go down the hill. No, I’m not a Zipfy rep, lol, I just really like them. The website says Ace, Target, ToysRus and Barns and Noble have them!
P.S. I love the photos :)

posted on January 1st 2011 at 9:22AM CST

We haven’t gotten the sled yet (no snow due to all the rain lately) but that is an awesome suggestion!

posted on December 28th 2010 at 4:45PM CST

I remember BB’s first trip in the snow; he also screamed and kicked on the way back inside. They are pretty good at coming in now because they understand bribery. LOL

Lovely photos.

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:11PM CST

Danny usually comes back in once he is soaked to the skin which usually is about 1-2 hours. I was so happy that Tristan loved the snow as much as he did! Makes me see a LOT of years of the kids making snowmen together or having snowball fights lol!

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:01PM CST

LOVE that first photo! Your boys look like they had fun in the snow. :D Sometimes I wish i was a kid again so that snow was more something to be played in than something to hate. lol

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:13PM CST

Thank you!

LOL I like the snow well enough but my tolerance to the cold doesn’t exist as much anymore. Probably because I don’t really own a good jacket or anything wintery!

I really just hate DRIVING in the snow, too many times of skidding out at 11pm in the pitch darkness coming home from work all those years… I shun snow driving now. I make Keith do it all now lol.

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:05PM CST

I’m so jealous! We don’t get snow here. My son would love it. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

posted on December 28th 2010 at 5:14PM CST

We really did have a MUCH better holiday this year thankfully.

OH yes, when I grew up in Arizona, we had NO snow unless you went to the mountains heh. That’s why I do like the mid-west/east area’s of the US because you get all FOUR seasons!

posted on December 28th 2010 at 7:20PM CST

Aww, I just love those first times playing out in the snow! (I love it just about as much as the hot cocoa that often follows playing out in the snow. :-))

When we lived in Syracuse, the snow would sometimes be far above their waists while they were playing. I was always surprised that it never bothered them that much. (Or maybe I shouldn’t have been all that surprised!)

posted on December 29th 2010 at 4:24AM CST

Oh yes! That’s how far it was on the baby actually and he loved it! My oldest doesn’t seem to mind the cold either. I think if I had actual boots or a real winter jacket and such I wouldn’t mind so much but I can never seem to justify the cost for myself LOL.

posted on December 29th 2010 at 8:57PM CST

Awesome pictures! That photo of the icicles is amazing!

posted on January 1st 2011 at 9:23AM CST

Thank you! We had SO MANY icicles it was crazy, I don’t remember having as many around the house last year.

posted on December 30th 2010 at 7:54AM CST

Aw great pictures, they look like they are having a great time :)

posted on January 1st 2011 at 9:23AM CST

Thank you! Oh yes, both my kids LOVE to play in the snow/outdoors!

Joni Rae
posted on December 30th 2010 at 8:13PM CST

Oh love love :) Happy family and pretty pics (of course)

You guys are awesome.


posted on January 1st 2011 at 9:23AM CST

Oh thank you! I was so thrilled that Tristan loved the snow, hopefully it snows again soon so I can toss them outside again for more photos LOL

posted on December 31st 2010 at 3:02PM CST

Ill get really creepy with you and tell you that these are so nice I would hang them up on my wall. No joke.

posted on January 1st 2011 at 9:24AM CST

Awww thank you! I have the HARDEST time deciding which photos of mine “deserve” to be printed, then I end up NOT printing ANY of them. Go figure.

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