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I bit the side of my tongue this morning so now it feels all swollen and I sound drunk when I try to talk. Which is simply fantastic since I’m sure customers think I am an alcoholic at this point.

I am going to attempt to do some of my holiday cards after I eat my lunch, glitter goodness! I would prefer to have them all mailed out by tomorrow so if you want to exchange cards hurry up and let me know so we can exchange addresses!

Apparently my father’s fridge (I have the one that came with the apartment, he uses the one Matt and I bought back in Ohio) broke so I hope he gets that fixed ASAP because I really don’t like having all of that junk food in my fridge (my fridge is filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meat, cheese, and water bottles).

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posted on December 7th 2005 at 3:37PM CST

your lunch was glittery? oh gosh that’s going to do wonders for the wound on your tongue.