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I called off work today. I am upset that my manager was not more sympathic to the situation… instead told me how this made her unhappy and how my not coming in was pretty much causing a situation. I am however going to the meeting tonight as I discussed it with my sister to watch Daniel and to get me to the meeting and what not. Daniel was coughing all during his sleep and most of the morning until I gave him something to ease it. Mary heard the pitiful coughing.

I cleaned the bedroom, chubs vacuumed a bit lol. I have at least 2-3 loads of laundry to do now. I have about 4 boxes of things to go through. I need to ebay some stuff off seriously.

Melissa has such a wonderful design seriously!

Bleh, I am worried about this meeting tonight, a lot of the people will end up making it a bitch session and I will be shocked if we come away from the meeting with things changing for the better.

A friend of mine gave me her resume so I could figure out how to make one of my own. My sister promised to take me around this Wednesday so I can put applications in all over. I have talked with my managers and store manager so many times about the problems I see at work and so little has been done to fix it… if at all. New people are coming to me shocked how some of the managers and employees don’t do anything but sit around and talk all day or steal credits or steal sales or not greet…. the list goes on for quite awhile.

Then my sister wants to take me and Daniel to her mall on Friday because they are doing some fun stuff on Halloween. A day I specifically requested off but did not get. So I need to get that situated because that is a religious day for me and I had a ritual planned.

I won’t leave my current job until I have a new one though… I just… don’t know what else to do.

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posted on October 26th 2003 at 2:32PM CST

My friend is going to quit her job for the exact same reasons. And I don’t blame either of you because no one should have to work under bad management. (I quit my first job in 2000 for the very same reasons; my manager was horrendous and unaccomodating.) I wish you both the best of luck in finding new, more welcomg jobs. :)

Still sending fuzzy thoughts to Chubs!

Happy Samhain. :)

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posted on October 26th 2003 at 8:18PM CST

Why, thank you!  Good luck with the job hunting.  Hope you find something you can enjoy.

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posted on October 27th 2003 at 12:15AM CST

You gotta hate managers like that.  My manager is an angel, she is so nice.  I guess I’m really lucky, we work as though we’re on the exact same level.

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posted on October 27th 2003 at 5:24AM CST

Good, I’m glad you called in and their guilt trips are famous (all work places do it) but children come first.  Honestly, they’d be paying you to waste productivity time because you’d be worried about Chubs and that doesn’t do you, Chubs or the company you work for any good. They ought to get a grip.  I bet they don’t lay guilt trips on those who are not following company proceedure.  We always say where we work those head honcho’s got it way wrong, they treat the good employees like shit and the shit employees better.  Go figure! Maybe that’s why there are so dang many slackers out there today eh?

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posted on October 28th 2003 at 7:21AM CST

I hate missing work! It’s fustrating when you have things to do, and have to miss work. It’s even worse when your boss does not try to understand you.