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May 20th 2006 / 2 minutes to read

It’s been a long week, I just don’t feel like I have anything to say anymore!

So today I actually didn’t work so I took Danny with me to the city to the farmer’s market since the one closer to me hasn’t opened yet. I got chives with the flowers still attached, green garlic, oregano, basil, spinach, hydro… something tomatoes, and organic strawberry preserves.

Last night I put up a new layout for Talking Snack.

I’ve been vegetarian for two weeks tomorrow!

Onto non-food related ramblings.

I realised I am so fed up with most parents my age. They don’t have any common sense and spout off at the mouth about crap they know nothing about… because gods forbid they do any research. I suppose I need to seperate what I do and do not talk about with people. I can have friends I can discuss anything and everything with and those that I will keep as superficial as possible so I can try and keep my temper in check. I am a proud lactivist, a proud attachment parent. People in general are so damn misinformed and are unwilling to learn anything. I get fustrated thinking about it.

So for the hell of it here is a list of some mommies (not all or that would take all day!) I respect.

Heather, Nikki, Lisa Marie, Angel, Kristina, Nicole, Crystal, Laura, and Mari.

“I have a deep passionate naughty love for Chris Daughtry”

I have a deep passionate naughty love for Chris Daughtry right now. I managed to find some songs he recorded with his band Absent Element so I have been listening to the songs non-stop. If you’re a Chris fan and would like these songs just let me know!

I still need to clean the bedroom but alas no effort yet. I need cleaning music!

Oh and ugh, I am pretty sure I have pink eye.

Lastly, I was so thrilled yesterday to get a sweet note and glitter filled faery necklace from my friend Crystal! I also got from my mother some celestial stickers! It really made me feel so special!

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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I feel all special now. :D Heart yous!

Reply to nikki

You have a way of making ordinary things look extraordinary. I wish I had your eye for the camera!

BTW, making food look that gorgeous is a talent in high demand in the eating industry. . . . Ever thought about going freelance for recipe magazines or restaurants?


That’s a lovely layout for Talking Snack, also a lot of lovely recipes. :D

Reply to Sarah

I agree that there are a lot of misinformed parents out there.. and a lot of the time age isn’t even a big factor. 

But you should still speak out about the things you feel are important, and strive to provide the best information you can.  If you come across a hardheaded person who doesn’t want to take the chance to research for themselves… I don’t know.  It’s definitely frustrating to come across, and I’ve been there, done that.  You just have to do the best you can and hope that you can affect someone positively.

Reply to Ally

Gorgeous photos!
I’m assuming a farmers market is a market with fresh produce with a reasonable price?
Your new layout over at Talking Snack is awesome an so are your new recipes!! I have to try them! :o)


Sarah, when you have time, could you drop me an email? I have a question for you about something pertaining to EE. :) Thanks so much, hon!

BTW, really love this new layout, and your pictures are just gorgeous!

Reply to Maevyn

Congrats on going veggie.  I did that a few years back, but was not successful.  Still, I don’t eat a lot of meat… but sometimes I just have that moment where I have to have it.  Going veggie is really great for your overall health and mind.  I make some kick butt veggie recipes if ever you need some.

If you get the chance, stop by my blog and say hi!  I’ve added yours to my blogroll.


Mmm… those fresh veggies sound delicious! :)

Congrats on two weeks of being meat free! That’s gotta take willpower… and a desire to make a difference.

Reply to Stepherz

I have yet to check out our local farmer’s magic but I want to check it out!

As far as Chris, honey, I think we all think naughty thoughts when it comes to this boy. I still think he got jipped out of the final two. What the hell is wrong with America anyway??

Reply to SolitaryWillow

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