I am floating!! I took a couple pics with my sisters old tiny webcam, it is BAD quality takes forever for it to correct the lighting… I sometimes can catch chubs if he stands still for a couple min but anyways, okay, so I started asking people to be honest and tell me what they think:

Steve said : rest assured you are pretty

Jeanie said: you’re absolutely fucking gorgeous. wow! see, now you have to come to md. . . so i can attempt to turn you gay :-D or at the very least, bi

Corin said: awwwwww you so pretty :)

Keli said: oh you look great

Elisa said: you look like SUCH a sweet person, and your cute, and im not just saying that

Kristin said: I always pictured you as a blonde! Yay for brunettes. :) You’re very photogenic!

Kevin said: very stunning indeed

Morgan said: you are so pretty!

So yeah, if I know you and you wanna see me, let me know! I am floaty!!

Nursin chubs at the moment or else I would have a bunch to write so whenever I have the chance expect big ol’ entries! I also got approved for the Divination and Chakra fanlistings!! Yay!!

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posted on May 31st 2003 at 9:15PM CST

So where did they find the pic’s? I want to see!

posted on May 31st 2003 at 11:25PM CST

I wanna see!  I wanna see!  I’ve always wanted to see my elusive (I think that’s the word) host mommy.

posted on June 1st 2003 at 2:34AM CST

Very mouth watery hon :)  Can’t wait to see you in that toga! ;)

posted on June 1st 2003 at 8:11AM CST

Where are the pictures?  I would like to see what you look like.

Angel Whispers
posted on June 1st 2003 at 9:30AM CST

me too, me too…I wanna see!

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