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very pretty :D love the rose one(s)!! :D

Reply to Jenny

Thank you so much!


Gorgeous AS USUAL the processing on the last one is to die for.

Reply to Veronica

Just gorgeous! I love the details on the first, flowers that are wilting {or are totally dead in some cases} are some of my favorite things to photograph. So, so beautiful.

Reply to Monique

OH same here! I sometimes think people only want to shoot the pristine perfect flowers but I like the whole life cycle.

Thank you! I might print it…

the grumbles

that last one! oh man.

Reply to the grumbles

Thank you!!


The black and white daisies are gorgeous. Love.

Reply to Crystal

Thank you!!!!!

Ok now you just know that I love the 3rd and 4th photos. Especially the 3rd! I’d so hang that over my makeup station!

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