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I was thrilled to receive the books I had ordered when I got home from work this afternoon! Thanks to a gift card I was able to order the following:

My week didn’t get off to a good start. My DSL modem burned out (this time not by lightning!) and after calling the company to find out it was no longer under warranty, had to go to best buy, shell out a lot of money I didn’t have to get a new one. Also my car insurance payment is coming up and I’m trying to find a new company. A co-worker suggested his Chicago based company which gave me a quote about $40 cheaper than everywhere else. However a lot of people suggested I go with a larger corporation. What auto insurance company do you use?

Lately I’ve been pulling a daily tarot card, just to reflect on the upcoming (or ending) day. Without fail each and every card is reversed. I will even “cheat” and MAKE SURE the deck can’t even give me a reversed card and yet… so anyway the card for today is the Power (Emperor) card. Basically reversed it means a loss of personal power. I surely can related to that lately. I just wish I knew how to change it. How does a person take back their personal power?

Aree Bella
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posted on January 5th 2007 at 9:53PM CST

How do you take your personal power back?

One breath at a time.