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hi everybody! thank you so, much for all the great comments and well wishes! i have sarah on the phone now. she’s sore from her surgery. and her throat hurts because, they had to put a tube down her throat for the surgery. i read to her all the comments she got and she’s so, grateful to everyone. she was able to have ice cream! first food in 84 hours! she says she feels like shit and that she’s sore and that it hurts to swallow. but, other then that she seems to be ok. poor thing has to whisper though because, it also hurts to talk. but, i had her on the phone to read all of your comments to her and find out what else she needs. that’s about it for now. but, i’ll be back with more updates later.

posted on May 1st 2005 at 7:49PM CDT

Please tell her “Get well soonest” from me?

I imagine the hospital will give her a diet sheet on discharge, but if not I would advise steamed chicken & boiled rice in SMALL portions for a while as her stomach will have shrunk :blank:

At least she’ll be able to eat though – my last surgery was oral and food was out for 3 days following, but it didn’t stop the hospital staff offering me toast & cereal for breakfast! :ahhh:

posted on May 2nd 2005 at 1:10PM CDT

Get well soon sarah hun -huggs-

am glad everything is okay now. can’t wait to have you back and typing away :)

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