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Mostly a photo entry, it’s been a beyond amazing stressful week that has mostly sucked…


I was shooting some photos of a tiny creek at a nature preserve because I thought the super green algae was cool, when I went to process the photos I came across this one, this is unprocessed with the exception of the border and resizing. I’ve included a link to download the RAW file which is in NEF (nikon’s raw format).


Interesting isn’t it? I can explain sparkles by saying well it was sunny out… but PURPLE SPARKLES? Interesting! So if you want, download the RAW file!

Here’s the other photos I shot today.




posted on April 24th 2007 at 5:34AM CDT

Those photos are really good and I love nature so I will definitely have a look at your other photos too. Your site is really nice as well. I’ll be sure to come back soon.

posted on April 24th 2007 at 12:55PM CDT

love that you included the RAW file of the purple sparkles photo. Your pictures SO rock.

posted on April 25th 2007 at 11:45AM CDT

Love the pics!  Can I ask where those were shot?  I get tired of hanging out at the botanic gardens week after week. LOL

posted on April 26th 2007 at 2:53AM CDT

Those are some absolutely incredible photographs. I’m absolutely inspired.

posted on April 28th 2007 at 4:50PM CDT

That’s really cool how the reflections in the water turned out purple.  Those are amazing photos, good job =)  I wish I had a better camera so that my pictures would turn out better.