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What a lovely set of photo’s i love the colours too :-)

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Aww thank you so very much!


Beautiful flowers! Now I feel like betraying my favorite blossoms. :D

Check out my bonding boys on my WW entry this week!

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Thank you! I’m hoping that if the weather stays nice with the breeze today, to take my boys back to the botanic garden to shoot a bit more!


The last one is just lovely.

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Thank you!

Lovely shots!

Thank you so much!

How beautiful, and really they are making me quite jealous!

Thank you! I shot those all at the botanic garden.


Those are gorgeous flowers. The colors are so vibrant. I especially like the last shot where the softness of the petals contrasts with the roughness of the wood, Plus, the lighting is perfect.

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Thank you! That is one of my favorites!

These are beautiful — love how you really capture the color — and the lighting is perfect, especially on that fourth one!

Thank you! I totally lucked out that day, the sun was just at the perfect angle!

Beth F

Yep — spring left quickly here — already int he heat of summer.

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We’ve already had a 90degree day and I believe Friday will be 91 at least! I can hardly believe it’s already June… it feels like Spring just RUSHED by.

the grumbles

look at your pretty new house! love it!

(photos are exceptional as always, you rock one hell of a camera.)

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Thank you! I need to “find time” to shoot more, I am just overwhelmed with house stuff!

These are gorgeous, Sarah. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be photographing over the summer. :)

Thank you! I can’t wait to see either LOL!

Sad to see Spring go – it is by far my favorite season and this year it seemed so short. These are beautiful shots.

It really feels like Spring lasted only a month rather than three for me… there doesn’t seem to be many, if any, traces left!

All are beautiful but think I like the last one best. The textures & colors are gorgeous.

Thank you! I was considering using that photo in a design but just couldn’t get it to work lol.

simply gorgeous shots…needed those as we’re having the coldest, rainiest spring ever…at least beauty is blooming out your way!

Thank you so much! Sadly, almost all traces of Spring are gone, I’m looking forward to Summer “bounty” though!

Beautiful photography! I’m happy to find your site and am a new follower on Facebook. :)

Awww sweet! Thank you!!


I really love the 70’s quality to the light in these photos. The last shot is lovely – the grain of the wood against the soft petals.

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Thank you! I really lucked out on the light that day, the sun was just perfect!

so lovely, as always. beautiful flowers and beautifully taken photographs.


i love the last two photos! I wish I could use it as my wallpaper! ♥ Anyway, i love the new look of onestarrynight!!! ♥ I wish I had an awesome tagline, too!

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Amazing colours!

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We went directly from Winter to Summer, as it seems. It’s been hot – so early in the season! Those are beautiful photos. I think the last one is my favorite. :)

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Your pictures are so beautiful. Youre so great at pretty much everything. Im a total fan girl : )

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