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Awesome photos. I LOVE the pink flowers. Are those eggs I see, from what animal?

Reply to Sheena

Thank you! Not eggs, but WEIRD puffy mushrooms that basically… explode. I have NO clue what kind of mushroom they are lol.


Exploding mushrooms! That’s too cool!

Reply to Sheena

I tried googling but couldn’t find out what KIND of mushroom it is lol.


Yay, the sun is back! Beautiful pictures, I especially love the first one! There’s something ethereal about it.

Reply to Marie-Anne

Thank you so much! That’s some grass (which we don’t have much of, our yard is weird) I shot in late afternoon!

Beth F

Signs of spring if you just look! Those mushrooms are wild. I thought they were eggs too.

Reply to Beth F

I don’t see the egg-ness! It’s driving me crazy, it’s like an optical illusion lol.

Spring got to you faster than it has gotten to me. It’s been the coldest, wettest spring ever!

LOVE the colors and composition in the second photo: the one of the forsythia. The blue and the yellow is beautiful.

LOL we had ONE lovely spring day and then bam… snow and rain ALL WEEK LONG. It’s freezing!

I LOVE forsythia, it’s just such a happy color.

I love these! Those mushrooms are really interesting. I can almost “feel” the texture of their skin through my laptop. And the pink flowers are oh so pretty! :)

Keith had touched one and got spores EVERYWHERE. My guess it they are some sort of puffball mushroom but I’m not sure which kind exactly.


i love the pink flowers, too!!! ♥

Reply to arveerella

Thank you! I wish I grew them, but alas, I have to buy them from Whole Foods when they are in season lol.

I love the lighting in these shots, very ethereal and enchanted forest.

Thank you so much!!


So lovely! I love the quality of the light in the first two:)

Reply to Joules

Thank you! I vastly prefer late afternoon light over morning light because it’s so much warmer.


Very pretty! I love the opened bird’s egg.

Reply to Lynda

LOL a lot of people are seeing it as an egg! It’s actually a type of puffball mushroom! We have them ALL over the freaking front yard, drives me crazy because they basically… explode and get spores everywhere. Thankfully none of us have any outside / seasonal allergies.


Ew! Yucky! Well, it still looks cool even though it’s gross. LOL.

We have weeds all over our backyard. Finally bringing in a professional to see if he can get rid of them once and for all.

Reply to Lynda

Yeah depending on a few things, we’ve pondered hiring someone to basically get the yard to a “fresh” state, till EVERYTHING, dig up old bush stumps, and seed with grass.

Josiah K.

Gorgeous photos! I love the elegant simplicity of nature. You have a great eye.

Reply to Josiah K.

Aww thank you so much!

These are gorgeous pictures!!

Thank you Jenn!!!

Nina Amelia

The pink flower one is over the top!

Reply to Nina Amelia

Thank you! I loved how ruffly they were lol.

Such beautiful photos, AS ALWAYS! :D

Spring really is such a great time of year!

Aww thank you Kristin! I hope we can go to the garden today/tomorrow since I’m sure a TON of stuff will be in bloom.

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