Starry Cast 3

June 19th 2005 / 1 minute to read

Episode #3

New design at OSN, online drama, plumbers who don’t work, money management, breakfast and lunch help, tostadas.

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Album Art for Never Too Late

Three Days Grace

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Never listened to your starrycast before – your voice is very clear and awesome!  I couldn’t do this, I mumble far too much.

We just went to the grocery store yesterday and spent a little over $200, but this included about 11 pounds of meat, not including bacon and lunch meat we got.  This will hopefully last us at LEAST two weeks.  Your cast made me think about putting up our weekly “meal plan” which would hopefully inspire us to KEEP with our meal plan. :)

Other bills… excluding rent we probably spend about $1800 in various bills a month.. car insurance, car payment, IRS payment, credit card payments, etc.  It makes me ill just thinking about it. :)

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