Episode #5

New stuff at OSN, tutorials, cleaning, Ikea, ghetto, memories, crappier quality this week because I refuse to turn my fan off.

Has a bit of mic evilness and popping. The size is 9MB.

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posted on August 6th 2005 at 5:42PM CDT

Wow you’ve added a lot of stuff :)

posted on August 6th 2005 at 6:49PM CDT

You have such a cute voice!

btw, I registered. :-p

posted on August 7th 2005 at 11:12AM CDT

HAHAHHA I can’t stop laughing at how much trouble my URL gives you. Silly Sarah. :) I can’t wait for the next podcast!

posted on August 7th 2005 at 5:30PM CDT

That is an AWESOME comforter.

And expect stir fry recipes from me tonight or tomorrow =D

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