Starting Project 365 / Day 1

January 1st 2011 / 1 minute to read

After my friend Danielle harassed me about it, I decided to attempt Project 365.

It’s where you take one (or more) photos each and every day. I suppose y’all would get bored of a daily photo post from me but I hope it will help me get a bit more creative when it comes to my photography.

So this first photo is of my youngest son, Tristan. He’s a few days shy of being 15 months old! He is my uber nummies.

If you are also doing Project 365, let me know!

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YES I am SO excited you’re doing the 365 too!!!! STOKED! I love your photos. Tristan seriously looks like a child’s doll in this one. So cute!

Reply to Sara

Yay thank you! Hopefully I can keep it up lol.


I started a 365 project on Tumblr. Of course, I am looking at your first picture of the year and thinking your 365 pictures are going to blow mine out of the water!!

When I actually post the first one in a little while it’ll be here:

Reply to Alena

Pshh I’m not THAT good! Thank you though! Following you on Tumblr!


aww… he’s such a cutie. ♥ yayyy. everybody’s doing project 365. i’m looking forward to 364 days w/ you. ♥ happy new year, sarah! ♥

Reply to arveemarie

Thank you! I need to come up with a 365 blogroll or something now so I can keep track of everyone!


Such a lovely photo. :) I’m attempting Project 365 — I’m doing mine via the group/tag on Flickr.

Reply to Jenn

Thank you! I’ve never really been able to get into the community aspect of Flickr, even after having a pro account for YEARS! Also, more and more I’ve been just uploading/using WordPress for my photos… makes me wonder if I will renew Flickr this year!


YAY!!!! I am SUPER excited you started one!!!!

Reply to Danielle

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up the whole year!

I’m going to do one this year! I’m going to start the year off behind on posting, thought, because I’m away from my computer this weekend. I’m trying to decide if I want to blog the photos every day or maybe post to Flickr every day and do a weekly blog with photos.

I was pondering that too, the DISPLAYING of the photos, and just decided to blog it every day.

I’m actually doing a different version of project 365. I’ve failed every year since 2006. And so, I’m going with the version where you end up on December 31, 2011 with 365 photos that you like/are proud of/etc. I’ll be starting a special set on flickr for my results. Today I took nothing that I cared to feature. LOL

That’s an interesting idea! I’ve never taken on a project like this before so I have no idea how long I’ll last lol.

He is so lovely. Looks so much like his brother!
You know, I think I will partake of Project 365 on my blog:
That should keep my blogging up to date, and get me back into my photography! Great idea!

THANK you for saying that! It actually was a huge concern of mine that the boys wouldn’t LOOK like brothers because of their different biological fathers but Tristan really does look a lot like Danny and they have the same mouth (my mouth lol).

I think I’d like to do this project. I can’t claim to even be a decent photographer but I think this will give me the opportunity to work on improving my skills.

I am hoping this also breaks me out of my box. I tend to go ok… pretty flower… another pretty flower… so my GOAL I suppose, is to find the “special” in my surroundings every single day.

I ended up starting a Project 365 blog: So far, so fun.


I am in now way a photographer. We only have one cute little point and shoot camera, but I’m going to try it anyway. I have three young boys, and I find that far too long goes by without having any cherished photographs. This year, my goal is to use the Project 365 to take steps to make pictures and photography a priority in our family.

Reply to Casey

Funny enough, before I REALLY got into photography, I actually took MORE photos. Now I am super critical of my work lol.

Michelle Potter

I know you already know this, but I am doing Project365, too. ;) I have my blog set up to automatically pull and post my 365 photos, and I think that happens at midnight, don’t remember exactly. I’m also posting on Flickr and Facebook!

Reply to Michelle Potter

Added your link in my blogroll for 365 on my Links page!


Awww Such a cutie!
I look foward to seeing your life and world through your eyes :)

I just finished my 365 for 2010, but will start “2” 52 week projects for both my kids. I can’t wait to see the changes they will go through in a year :)

Good luck!

Reply to Brandy

Thank you! I hope I succeed with this project!

Oh geez, it’s amazing how quickly children change in “just” one year!


I’m glad there are so many of my online friends doing 365. It should make it easy to keep up since I’ll want to keep up with the group. :D

Tristan is such a handsome boy. He is a perfect mix of both you and Keith. :D

Reply to Catie

I just added a blogroll on my Links page for those doing 365!

Aww thank you, he is my nummy nums!


I’ve started one too! I actually started a separate blog for it, separate from my regular one. I really hope I can keep up with it!

Reply to Ashley

Awesome! What’s the link so I can add it to my blogroll?


Sorry the link is

It will be so fun to see everyone’s year in pictures!

Reply to Ashley

Wow, he’s growing so much :)

(I’m too lazy to do project 365, heh)

I know! He’s so much of a toddler now. Tantrums and all LOL!

Yeah, we have them here too. I think it’s because there’s so much Isabel wants to say but she doesn’t quite know how yet so she gets frustrated. Oh, and she wants to play with my laptop all the damn time, but that isn’t going to happen :p

OH yes. Tristan loves to walk up to my box (desktop computer) and bash the hell out of the keyboard. Drives me NUTS!

Ooh! I started my Project 365 last night and I’m so excited to see all the changes as they occur in my family… work on the house, toddler growing up, new baby in April… Whee!!!

It’s amazing to look back and see how much life changes, how much the kids grow, etc!

Kimberly Gauthier Photography, Portrait Photography

I’m doing Project 365. I used to always participate in these types of challenges, but then I let “business” get in the way of photography and in 2011 I’m turning that back around. It’s going to be fun on the days when I realize I haven’t taken my picture yet!

Reply to Kimberly Gauthier Photography, Portrait Photography


Did you see the Clickin’ Moms 365 starting off? Do you think you’ll be posting to that? I’ve got to decide if I should/can do this?!


Reply to Andree

I actually canceled my membership! I got frustrated with it because it really seems more geared towards “people/children” photography which I don’t do very often and didn’t feel like I had anything to offer because of that limitation.

Does he ever NOT look cute? Tristan is such a beautiful child. :)

Aww thank you! My womb only produces squishy adorable children apparently!

Thank you so much for inspiring me to start my own blog! I came across your posts of Project 365 and thought it was a wonderful idea!!

Oh I also added a link from my page to yours :-)

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