I am very manic at the moment which is fantastic because I’ve cleaned out the hall closet for the first time in four years, I have over 30 garbage bags filled up, working on my bedroom closets right now, already picked up and vacuumed the floor a bit. I just really want to purge.

posted on June 29th 2006 at 5:50AM CDT

Come and clean my room if you like! :D

posted on June 29th 2006 at 5:33PM CDT

every few months i go through a purging phase……it’s usually when i change assignments.  it feels really good.

posted on June 29th 2006 at 11:19PM CDT

It’s fun to get on those sprees of being really organized, and tossing out old stuff. However, I do not feel cleaning is as fun. Every time I clean, I manage to harm myself, therefore I no longer clean. I think I need a maid so I am not a danger to myself.

posted on July 1st 2006 at 1:43PM CDT

WOW! A lot of tidying up =D

I wish I was able to have some urge to tidy!

posted on July 1st 2006 at 5:31PM CDT

Sarah, this has nothing to do with your closet purging, but I love this layout.
Especially the weeds down bottom.
A+ woman.