Why does the world ALWAYS pick the days I see my OB to stress me out?

Anyways, I did another layout for OSN.com but I am waiting on “panel” heh responses from Morgan and Amber on them. Anyone else want to give their input? Also I wonder if I should, one of these days, put up a Poll of somesort of layouts and see which ones people wanna see the most. I noticed I am doing a LOT of “nature” based type layouts. Wonder why?

I woke up at 5am, I am letting Matt sleep until hmm 10am or so, since well my appointment is at 1pm. Why so early you ask? Anyone who has been 9 months pregnant understands heh. I have to WALK (waddle) to the bathroom and shower. It is hard to shower when you can’t bend over or see past your belly. Then the whole task of putting clothes on. Once you get to putting the underwear on, well that is where the fun starts, you can’t directly BEND over so its like this mini struggle. Then of course putting pants on, and the HORROR of putting socks and shoes on. *whew* I am exhausted thinking about it!

Hmm not sure what else to talk about. No one is online, sad I know, and I really have nothing to do, and yet I don’t want to go offline. “Stay fuzzy or save the world? Decisions…” hehehe okey so I am REALLY babbling now. We FINALLY got stamps yesterday and I even got 5 stamps from my mom! So I have 26 stamps because I had one left over, maybe I will send a card or two to umm people today although in all honesty there is no one to even send a card to…kinda depressing…well at least we will be able to mail out bills! Hmmm I should call the damn voice mail help desk people because shock of all shocks the darn thing is saying I do NOT have voice mail on my phone. *snaps ghetto style* I better have it fixed today!