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Well on wednesday we went to Goodwill and I found *and bought for 38 cents* a RAINBOW BRITE COLORING BOOK!! and only 6 pages were used and those were the maze/game pages which I don’t care for anyways!!!! Today *techinally yesterday since its like morning* we got an apartment! FINALLY! 2 bedroom HUGE place everything cept electric is paid and the heat is gas, NEW NEW NEW oven/stove! NEW carpet! I find it funny that our apt is #1 hehehehe so we signed the lease and today we pick up the keys since they were changing the locks yesterday, then we are calling the Electric Co, and Phone Co, and then RoadRunner and Cable *for pricing on those 2* and get that set up and we can move in on Monday!! *which by the way is my next OB appointment* So now, all we own for the apt, is my TV and VCR, Computer, new shower head, knife and utensil set, silverware, and then the bassinet, and from Shirley, changing table and card table *with chairs* since it will be a bit before we can afford a real kitchen table and chairs since we need to buy a bed *queen thanks to my ever expanding belly and chest!* and futon or couch, which ever is cheaper and better yet still with a VERY thick mattress on ethier to sleep on *for guests and when i am too tired to move* hmmm I think thats it, I also bought crayons today hehehhee thrilling I know!