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I am so sick. I even got a migraine so I took Excedrin migraine medicine for it. I am cold but burning up and very clammy. I called off work for tomorrow about three hours before the store closed. The one manager tried to tell me basically that I can NOT call off unless I found someone else. So I called a few other employees and they were shocked because I sound so bad. So when I called back I talked to the other manager and she understands. I mean I am ILL and my son is ill, I think I might apply at Bath and Body Works because they are hiring. I can’t take this anymore.

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posted on November 8th 2003 at 11:32PM CST

If this gets any worse, or is still going on tomorrow, you need to go see a doctor. A fever that high that remains that long is not safe. And screw the manager, you can’t work in that condition, especially when Chubs is sick, too. *hugs* Much love, sarah. I hope it starts easing up, pronto.

And if you work at Bath & Body Works, you can get all sorts of wonderful discounts. : )

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posted on November 9th 2003 at 1:06AM CST

I hope you get better soon. You practice Wiican, don’t you? Some herbs might help.

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posted on November 9th 2003 at 7:03AM CST

Sorry you are sick now too! 
Bath and Body Works sounds like a good idea considering how insenitive and inflexible this job has been lately.
Feel better.  {{hugs}}

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posted on November 9th 2003 at 7:43AM CST

Damn Sarah, that’s not what anyone needs at that time, unforgiving bosses. It is, unfortunately, all too common.  That high fever illness is going rampant around here lately too.I’ve heard of at least 2 adults who went to the ER because of the fever.  They didn’t do anything except make sure they were hydrated. It is apparently a virus that’s going around.  Drink lots and lots and lots and sleep more!  Hugs!