July 8th 2006 / 1 minute to read

So I removed a couple of online people from OSN (links and membership) because I just couldn’t hold onto those toxic relationships… if you can call an occasional comment a relationship. Anyway, that pissed some people off in a big way. Got some very harsh emails. Fantastic.

Today my sister, my son, and myself all went to the Bristol Ren Faire. We had a fabulous time. Daniel loved the knights jousting, the fairies, playing in the sand castle, I only wish we had more time there! There were so many delightful shops, I wish I could have afforded to buy some lovely items. After, we went to a few resale shops where we got Danny a fire engine and bulldozer, my sister gave me her DVD player since mine decided to die and is going to be giving me her ice cream maker!

I am so exhausted, dinner will just be spaghetti with fresh mozzerella and fresh basil with a basic tomato sauce… maybe veggies if I have the energy.

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Dagnabbit, you went to the Faire?!  You’re the second person today alone to tell me you were going or went, and we’re planning to take Sam this year!  Couldn’t at least a few people wait up so we can meet people there? ;-)

Reply to Carrie

When I lived in Mississippi, we would have a Celtic Fest that acted as our Ren Faire.  I miss it so much.  They’re always so much fun.  I dressed as an Irish Pirate last year.  I loved how the children seemed so amazed by me. :)

Reply to Raven

Ohhh, much jealousy!  I love Ren Faires so much!  The costumes and the fighting and the swords and the awesomeness…  And hooray for getting an ice-cream maker, I’ve always thought those look like so much fun.  Plus ice cream, yummm!  And pasta with fresh mozarella?  Your entries always make me so hungry!

Reply to Aenka

I’ve always wanted to go to a Ren Faire, but I don’t even know if they hold them in my area.  Sounds like a job for Google!  I would be all over the crafty goodness.

Reply to Ally

…and I was a toxic relationship?

Thanks for that.

Reply to Chrissy

I have actually never been to a Ren Fair, but I have always wanted to go. I love the pictures, they look great!

Reply to Kasie

The pictures are great! Hope you had a good time!

Reply to Kathleen

I love how the pictures pop up when you click them. Very handy. I have never actually been to a Ren Faire. I would have loved to watch the knights jousting. I’m just violent like that. :lol:

It’s too bad about the emails. Just ignore them.

Reply to Victoria

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