A ton of people have done this like Crys and Claire so here I am doing it as well :)

I See: my comp heh, my prenatals, my jasmine candle, garbage, a ton of old soda cans, nail clippers, nail polish, zit stuff, lotion, my crystals, mic, tv, vcr, printer, old milk carton heh, mortar and pestle, speakers, a ton of other stuff but too much to write
I Need: food!!! lots of yummy steak *purrrrrrrr* a way to keep the nausea down at night, an APT, some ways to be a more “natural” mother when the time comes
I Find: hmmm my breasts 42dd seem to be growing, they shall reach my knees soon and it will be “when nipples attack” TV special
I Want: to already be in my 2nd trimester, to have FOOD i want STEAK!! to have a nice apt, to even have a room for a nursery
I Have: nausea heh sore chest, a very supportive twin sister
I Love: matt, ali, fetus/embryo, cooking *in which i rock*
I Hate: ignorant people, nausea, people who buy me things i end up throwing away *just give me the money instead people*
I Miss: tucson, i miss freedom,
I Fear: spideys n bugs
I Hear: the tv, its that QVC station, they are doing cooking soon yay
I Smell: oh geez im trying NOT to smell as most stuff makes me wanna hurl
I Crave: STEAKKKKKKKKKK and anything i could prepare mmmmmmm antipasto
I Search: for a way to provide for my unborn child and still have a fulfilling life for myself
I Wonder: if its a boy or girl and if i have to drink something before my OB appointment on the 7th
I Regret: the way i was from 13 on really, i would love a chance for a “do over” but i can’t but at least im not a crack head nor do i party and i am pretty gosh darn funny
I Wear: matts old tshirt and panties tee hee
When was the last time you…
Smiled? uhhhh i can’t remeber, it happens too often
Laughed? ohh during the making of the video for the new nsync song
Cried? yesterday
Bought Something? ummm my prenatals
Danced? i don’t dance i could kill someone with my chest a flappin
Were Sarcastic? all the time, cause im S – P – E – C – I – A – L
Watched Your Fave Movie? i don’t have ONE fave
Had a Nightmare? umm not often, i love to dream
A last time for everything…
Last Movie You Saw: ummm blade? or some lifetime thingy, or was it Mission impossible two…
Last Song You Heard: ummm soul decision song or linkin park
Last Thing You Had To Drink: milk
Last Time You Showered: oh gods i can’t remeber, we don’t have a shower just the bath tub here
Last Thing You Ate:bread
Do you…
Smoke? not since i was 17
Do Drugs? look above
Have Sex? ummm when i concived, im abstaining until i have my appointment
Sleep With Stuffed Animals? if i had some i would sleep with them
Live in the Moment? too much effort
Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend? boyfriend matt
Have A Reacurring Dream? alllll the time
Play An Instrument? i can play some organ and piano and very little guitar
Believe in Alien Life? okay sure why not
Remember Your First Love? yep
Still Love Him/Her? not in the kinky manner i once did
Read the Newspaper? nope
Have Any Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual friends? sure back in tucson
Believe in Miracles? okay sure why not
Believe It’s Possible to Remain Faithful Forever? no such thing as forever
Consider Yourself Tolerant of Others? yep
Consider Love a Mistake? depends on whom u love
Like the Taste of Alcohol? no, well, i liked wine coolers and boones strawberry wine but that was years ago
Have a Fave Candy? peachies only candy i touch
Believe in Astrology? depends on the person interpretering it
Believe in Magic? no, but i do believe in magick
Believe in God? i believe in the goddess and the god but not the “bible” god
Pray? ummm i sometimes “converse” with the goddess but i don’t call it praying
Go to Church? nope
Have Any Secrets? hehehheheh wouldn’t you like to hear some of them *purrrrrrrrr*
Have Any Pets? spud, cotton ball whom live not near me but with my family
Do Well in School? when i went to school i did well, i did not go to school often but i did work
Go to or Plan to Go to College? no
Talk to Strangers Who IM you? depends on what they say
Wear Hats? don’t own any
Have Any Piercings? my ears
Have Any Tatoos? nope
Hate Yourself? sometimes
Have An Obsession? yes but too many to count
Have a Secret Crush? hmmmmm not really
Do They Know Yet? um *duh*
Have a Best Friend? quite a few
Wish on Stars? the first star i see i will sometimes
Like Your Handwriting? sometimes
Have Any Bad Habits? a tonnn
Care About Looks? ehhhh sometimes i do sometimes i don’t
Believe in Witches? heh depends on the “witch” i don’t believe in “wikkans” i consider myself a witch, i consider Crys a witch
Believe in Satan? no
Believe in Ghosts? i believe in spirits but nothing “evil”

okay that was fun joy joy