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It’s so weird, normally I have to do all of my grocery shopping on Friday’s but today… I don’t have to! I can just go to the bank and go home! It’s so nice because then I can maybe go to Whole Foods this weekend or something and I can pre-plan a menu (yeah any suggestions for low fat/healthy meal ideas? I would umm OH I would give you a fansign and be totally 90’s!).

It’s been snowing since last night, just wee tiny flakes so it’s not really building up much. I would take a few photos but… I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold because alas I do not have mittens (bwahahah mittens is a fun word… like twine…. hahah twine).

Last night I taught my son how to do the hokey pokey song and the “I’m a little teapot” song. With movments and everything! We rock.

Ugh I feel a migraine coming on. This sucks. Too much stress in my life!

ETA Again
My sister brought me ‘cedrin. I hope it kicks in. I am feeling very very badly.