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I can never get the “bokeh” thinger effect. Think I’m doing it wrong… xD

Beautiful photos though :) LOVE ♥

Reply to Jenny

Thank you! Actually, I wrote a tutorial on aperture awhile back (which is how to get the bokeh effect)!

Oh, I like the ones with the pink flowers! I want to call them daisies but I’m thinking they’re probably something else. You can tell I don’t have a green thumb. :-)

Coneflower! Otherwise known as echinacea!

Ah!!! I was thinking “purple coneflower” but then I thought “that can’t be right, they aren’t purple!” LOL!


LOVE the third one from the bottom <3

Reply to Keeshia

Thank you!!!


Amazingly beautiful!

Reply to Drivelology

Thank you!

you had to include the spider, right? lol

HAHAHA! I HATE HATE HATEEEE spiders with a passion and generally fear them big time but the photographer in me couldn’t pass it up with the light and the web… lol!

These are absolutely beautiful. The use of light is exquisite!

THANK YOU! That means so much to me coming from you!

It’s been awhile since I was toying with my camera…and these photos just inspire me to get into my camera again!

Lovely shots!

Mariposa’s WW

Thank you so much!

Nina Amelia

Great pictures!

Reply to Nina Amelia



Love the second one! Of course, they are all beautiful.

Reply to Crystal

That one is my favorite, I think I might print it lol!

not a fan of spiders, but I LOVE the shot you got!! Great bokeh too!

Thank you!!!!


im so in love with your photos.AMAZING!

Reply to Katherine

Aww thank you so much!!

These are so, so lovely, especially the field of pink flowers (daisies?)

Thank you! Those are coneflowers actually! I LOVE them!

Me again…. Would it be okay if I used one of your pictures for my computer desktop background?

Ah I am going to have to decline. The photos I post are low-res and aren’t even large enough to print (meant for web), much less have as a wallpaper for a computer!

No problem OSN. I’ll just have to come back and visit alot :)

I don’t know how I missed this. The light in these photos is simply gorgeous. Very ethereal…

Thank you!!

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