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Sweet Sacrifice

Well… damn. I just checked the weather and radar and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday (the Autumn Equinox). So that makes my apple and pumpkin picking plans a bust. What are some good rainy day Mabon ideas? I will still be able to cook a nice harvest feast but I still wanted to go out and CONNECT.

More photos of course, at Imagine and posting at Vibrant.

I am slowly getting myself back into doing yoga, it’s cute, I already taught my son downward facing dog, which really helps my back pain. I really would like to focus on waking up earlier to do some sun salutations (well lack of sun lately in the morning but I could throw some yellow, orange, and red glitter in the air and pretend!) and get into a daily routine.

I just took three excedrin (aka “the ‘ced”), the last in my bottle. The pressure… although normal people probably can’t tell, if there is even a HINT of change in the weather, I get insta-graine.

This evening is the rec plex new member orientation so my sister and I are going to do that and then work out a bit. Any suggestions for happy workout music or motivating podcasts to listen to?


So we went, I walked a bit more than a mile… maybe a mile and a fourth on the track, then we did all the fun strength training machines. We would have done the elliptical and treadmill except they kicked everyone off for a class. I still think I need some actual cardio though (not sure what to do about cardio). I did sneak a peek at my weight and thank the goddess I am showing a loss. I was worried because I porked out (well within my flex pts though) on Sunday and Monday (yay hormones!) but all seems to be well in that area.

I paid my car payment and phone bill, oh that hurts… so much. Next up… car insurance.

Yeah all I am going to talk about is pagany goodness, getting less fat, umm food because yay food, photography and umm migraines! I am so boring lately. Unless.. any of that stuff interests you… then… YAY.

I am just a wee bit perky.

Lastly, share with me your favorite podcasts and vodcasts!!

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posted on September 22nd 2006 at 9:52AM CDT

I love Muggle Cast and Lance and Graal.  Muggle Cast always makes me laugh and since I’m wearing headphones my roommate looks and me weirdly.

posted on September 22nd 2006 at 2:10PM CDT

I love yoga. It’s so relaxing. It’s a shame about the rain. It’s rainy here too and it looks like it will be for the rest of the weekend. But I must admit I do love the rain a lot. It’s cosy <3.

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