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I am so fustrated, the apt complex has a swimming pool, of which Matt takes the baby to go swimming. So after I got showered I walked over to see the chublet, and notice that so many people were drinking and smoking! I was disgusted, I then decided it was time to take Daniel home when the family next to me started chatting and their 5 or maybe 6 year old child said “don’t bother me you fag!” to one of the adults, they all thought it was amusing. Matt later told me that the child was also saying such lovely terms like “mother-fucker” “bitch” “fuck you” and more.

Not something I want my son to be around!

So that disgusted me so much. I plan on calling or writing a letter to the office about the pool, how people don’t sign in, kids left unattended, the numerous drinking and smoking things going on, the loud cussing, inappropriate music played around these babies and young children.

I am no angel but for crying out loud there is a time and place for everything, this crap shouldn’t be around our kids in a public area that we pay damn good money to live at.

I am not happy about this.

posted on June 13th 2004 at 11:21PM CDT

wow, i can’t believe that such a young child was saying things like that…  it’s really scary…

posted on June 14th 2004 at 1:57AM CDT

That’s insane. Sounds like that kid went in the army in another life and remembered all of the catch phrases.

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