I am perky, perky, perky! I feel like hmm perky heh, guess my little mood swing is over, well at least the stress part of it! Making tacos ahhahahahaha, although, sadly, we have no onion, I only like onion on homemade tacos not like Taco Bell tacos, although when I used to work there back in my youngin days, I would add onion…..drama story I agree!!

Oddly enough talked to Crystal last night, wasn’t bad or anything like that. Was amusing to talk about all the weird things that happen while owning a domain. Also in the convo, the idea of a “I respect my host” clique came up. Whatcha all think? I made some little buttons aready heh, entertaining indeed to make them.

We did laundry tonight yay! It was neat, there was a woman perhaps a few years older than me, with her 6wk old baby boy! Of course the convo turned to breastfeeding and she said she “had” to supplement with formula because “she didn’t make enough milk” I wanted SO badly to explain that simply isn’t true!!! Supply and Demand! The more he nurses the more milk her body creates! Anyways, it was nice talking to someone about babies especially since I am having a boy as well. I can’t belive I will have one pretty soon! Mind blowing!!

Okey since I do the taco seasoning better than Matt I should go do that now!