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Tae bo is hard. haha. I like Billy Blanks but it is very hard for me to do much listening to that music!! I think I would enjoy Sweatin’ to the Oldies, simply because:

1. It shows fat people doing the excersises, instead of perfectly shaped people.
2. I would really enjoy the music!
3. Who doesn’t get all sunshiney when you hear Richard Simmons talking haha

I am making an effort though, hard when I am pms-ing which explains the pepsi I had, and the salsa/sourcream dip I had last night. I sometimes wish I had a scale so I could see if I am making progress at all!

Does anyone know how many calories you burn doing x activity depending on how much you weigh?

I need motavation, since I have $0.00 I can not join weight watchers, curves, etc. So any suggestions?

posted on April 5th 2003 at 4:17PM CST

VERY helpful site >> http://3fatchicks.com

also they have the calorie counter here >> http://3fatchicks.com/index.php?option=displaypage&Itemid=83&op=page&SubMenu;=

:) great job with the tae bo!! keep it up!! hahaa! i have jane fonda.. anaerobics work out.. i hope to eventually get the firm though! and richard simmons is perfectomando.. but dont follow his eating habits.. he lost all his weigh pretty much by not eating.. bad bad bad!! and if ever wanted i could give the basic lowdown of the WW program is you already dont know about it :)

posted on April 6th 2003 at 3:32AM CDT

I can give you the info for Weight Watchers if you’re interested, since I have all of the stuff, plus you can do it online, you don’t have to go for meetings.

I’m not a fan of tae bo either…my body is not strong enough to go through the entire work out without pulling a muscle out of place.

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