I took a bath so now Im awake again! like my 18th wind ahahhahaha lets see, ive done a lot! Added a mailing list, redid blog *duh* and other stuff im so out of it I can’t remeber! ehehhehehehe weeeeeeeeeeeeeehehhehehehehee Im easily amused! like danger sprite is easily amused stand 10 feet away from the sprite! eeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehe sigh i amuse myself! anyways! I am semi perky because I was thinkin how COOL is it to have an online friend person who also owns a domain and basically makes YOU feel like youre this online skilled webmistress? well check out Claire who makes me feel like I am the most skilled webmistress! Now in turn, i know i make Lament feel the same because i even CALL HER webgoddess! she can find u any program any site in like 3 seconds flat! she is 10x better than Yahoo! so here i am fresh n clean smellin like warm nilla from bath n body works! on the topic, my friend mary and i are still sulking because bath n body works don’t have a website!!! mango-licous! ” you can be my hottie hottie just not anybody everybody knows how the story goes” thats ashley ballard whom I am listening to. i go from my ghetto me-HE-ca-NAS nasty boy click from perky pop ashley, go figure! I am really happy spunkysprite.coms forums are pickin up pace makes us feel loveeed. hehehehehehe weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheheeheehhehee

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