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Lets see I was up like over 27 hours!!!! ahhahahahaa Yesterday was an interesting day palace wise!!! We deleted a kingdom because it just was tainted with evil vibes and we made a lot of cute ads! my favs are mine, the one fei thought up, and omg some of the fruit ones KILL me they are SOOOOO FUNNYYYY so that was what i did, Im in Imagine right now refreshing ALL the avs *takes a good couple hous* but If you don’t want broken props then you just need to do it! I’m going to try to get everything I can updated today which Isn’t much But I think I have 2 member rooms to put up! I’m trying to think of what I can do while refreshing the rooms….BLAH….the site is updated as much as I can think of, Imagine freshing, not many people online at the moment….BLAH! hahahahaa Im perky no wait FRISKY!! HAHAHAHAHA omg I adore that word! well I guess I will stare at the refreshing process!