November 24th 2011 / 1 minute to read

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

We didn’t celebrate this year because not only am I super sick (2nd migraine in 48 hours, meds only NOW kicking in) and having to use the neti pot (because I don’t like taking any medication that could affect my milk supply like a decongestant), but my husband worked all day so no point in doing a huge meal.

Instead, having take-out Mexican from a local place. Probably going to eat it in the living room and watch Chopped.

It was nice though, my twin sister came by for a bit today, it was mainly for her to watch the boys so I could rest but I had the migraine meds in me so she made us grilled cheese sandwiches and we burned music cd’s while she watched (and yelled at the TV) the Packer’s football game. I even did her eye makeup in Packer colors.

I have my answer post almost done, just need to take some photos so if you want to ASK ME ANYTHING you still have time before that post goes up in a couple days!

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I HATE MIGRAINES. They are evil and painful and THEY SUCK. :( I hope this one goes the hell away and soon!

I don’t blame you for taking it very easy. You can have a big meal and give thanks ANY day. Today, you need to rest and recover.

Also, I found in your archives some pages on making my own WP theme! I think I might be ready to give it a go! Your pages are so informative!

And here I thought LAST Thanksgiving was bad heh (we all had the norovirus).

I’m already scared of next year’s lol.

I go through periods where I get migraines, and then they stop for a while. Annoying!
How do you make a grilled cheese without bread? I love grilled cheese but since realizing the evils of flour/grains/carbs, I’ve been avoiding bread/rice/corn/potatoes/pasta/flour/sugar/etc. I miss grilled cheese though! You said you don’t eat bread, so I”m curious how you do a grilled cheese.

Oh I’m not carb-free or anything like that! I’m just picky about my bread. If I bake it, I’ll eat the whole loaf (so I avoid baking it LOL)!

I know I eat a fairly low-carb diet. I eat sweet potatoes maybe 1-2x a month (roasted generally), bread 1-2x a month (if I NEED a panini), and so on.

Off the top of my head though, I’d think a “veggie” grilled cheese would work out well, using like really thin eggplant or zucchini. The real issue would be getting it crisp on the exterior though.

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