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So I get up on time, I get showered, prepare my lunch and I am out the door early. I head over to Starbucks. I get my Venti Vanilla Latte. I drive away… 2 minutes later the FUCKING COFFEEE EXPLODES all over MY CAR!!! Not ME of course but my CAR and IPOD and IPOD CAR CONNECTY THINGY!!!!! So of FUCKING course the ipod isn’t working in my car, I drive back after spending 10 minutes trying to clean everything with paper towel and Starbucks made me a new coffee for free but again IPOD NOT WORKING!!!!!

I am not happy NOT HAPPY oh and then I get to work and the fax machine ate it’s ink ribbon cartridge. WHYYYYY. *woe*


Obviously this isn’t under warranty, so woe. Please dry out!


It works! It dried out!!

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