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Well… I’m fickle, that’s my only explanation for another re-design. Anyway, I recently bought a blender and since I adore smoothies, I want you to share your favorite smoothie recipe! I am fond of strawberry and peach combinations but I am willing to try anything! It’s been so warm lately that I felt now was a good time to buy it, plus it was on sale. Speaking of warm weather, I finally broke down, located my box (well it’s round) fan, took it apart, washed it… for the most part… and right now Daniel just plugged it in and a big pile of dust puffed out. Fantastic. He is thrilled that we have the fan going though, “AHHHH fresh air circling ALL the time!”.

Well time to go to bed and hope that this piece of dust that lodged into my eye works it’s way out! Fun!

I reprocessed a photo from the botanic gardens, just cropped it more basically.

Oh before I completely forget, I was talking with my friend Crystal (who hasn’t blogged in a very long time… for shame!), about podcasting and she brought up how I used to do podcasts ohh… a year or two ago. Does anyone even remember that phase? Anyway, I thought the following conversation was freaking hilarious so I’m posting it now… because in 10 years I will read it and crack up all over again.

Me: Well more so fancy equipment where it SOUNDS more… REAL instead of a cheap $10 comp mic from the grocery store.
Crystal: Ahhh, of course. Well, the quality is limited but it’s not really a sticking point, I think. Even scratchy-sounding hosts can attract an audience if they’re charismatic. And you are.
Me: ahahah thank you! My never ending chipperness!
Crystal: Absolutely… you’re a chipper, frisky, freaking cute MAGNET. Hahah.
Me: AHHAA there ya go! I knew all the times I was told “you sound FUN” on the phone by random customers, telemarketers, and wrong numbers would bring me a future!
Crystal: LMAO I can just imagine it… “You sound FUN *eyebrow waggle*”
Me: HAHA exactly!! I can’t help my LUSH voice!
Me: No ego none at all!
Crystal: No, no, I remember when we talked on the phone ages ago… You talk FAST, lady. They think you have oral dexterity. *smirks*

Oh yeah, she’s naughty. Ok, bed time for real!

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posted on May 11th 2007 at 7:16AM CDT

Mmmm, I love smoothies!  Throwing half a banana in with any other kind of fruit is always tasty.  I’m partial to smoothies with soymilk, half a banana, and frozen peaches.  Frozen blueberries are always a good addition as well, but are guaranteed to leave bits of skin stuck in your teeth for hours.

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posted on May 11th 2007 at 1:34PM CDT

smoothie: fresh strawberries, skim or lite soy milk, little apple juice, a touch of olive oil(really. the good fat is good for you), or peanut butter.

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posted on May 13th 2007 at 8:37PM CDT

Oh wow, that picture is gorgeous!