The One Where I Cuss Alot…

July 12th 2007 / 3 minutes to read

What a long day it’s been! Let’s preface this with the fact that EVIL SATANIC SQUIRRELS ate through my sister’s one year old vehicle’s electrical system so while we wait to see how much the repairs will be, it was my day to take her to and from work since I had the day off. She works over an hour away. The drive up was fine, hanging out with her was fine, the day started out…. JUST FINE! If only we had known…. Anyway, I was driving around in the area because I had my camera gear with me and came across Lake Michigan! I found a lovely beach where Daniel and I walked, played in the water, took photos… I was using one of my polarizing filters being giddy over the joy of finding this beach of goodness, when I notice ohhh 30 minutes into it, that the fucking filter somehow FELL THE FUCK OFF into the LARGE LAKE! So I am woeful over that right now.

Ok whatever, we make the trek home, take a nap, go back up to get my sister. Again, aside from the fucking filter, the day is going pretty good. I make her drive my car since I was getting a touch of road glitter rage and thought perhaps it would be a wise move to be on the far side of my car horn, plus I wanted to take some photos.

We then pick up her fiance and decide to go to the delicious Olive Garden, on the way there we have to pass through this forest preserve area. I am clicking away happily with the glory that is my camera, suddenly I decide to take a crappy photo of this cop car just parked in one of the parking lot areas. Sure fucking enough the cop pulls her over for going 57mph in a 45mph zone. While she was driving my car… what are the odds? Thankfully I am fully legal and provided insurance and all of that jazz. Still… it put a damper on our moods to say the least.

We then go to Olive Garden… inhale a billion delicious breadsticks, about the end of our meal, her fiance was finished, had a little bit of food remaining on his plate, when my son turns to him and says in a dead serious child voice, “You better eat your food or I’m gonna be PISSED!”. That’s right, apparently am using the word “pissed” WAYYY too much when I’m… well… pissed… and he picked up on that apparently!

After that we went to the store, then back to her apartment for the awesomeness of So You Think You Can Dance. Also, obviously, new design is up. So I am going to go to bed, attempt to get some very well deserved sleep, and dream of glittery naughty things!

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Well, I suppose the good thing about the day is that you got some beautiful photos out of it! :o

I seriously can’t believe that’s a lake though! It looks like ocean! :o

Reply to Sarah

BTW, GORGEOUS layout! :)

Reply to Sarah

Your day sounds like one of those you look back on and shrug off ‘cause it was at least sort of tolerable. Or something.

At least you got some gorgeous photos!

Reply to Alicia

Seriously, evil squirrels eating my wires and leaving peanuts in my car’s electrical casing.  Then getting a speeding ticket a day later? This will cost SO FAR $600 with the ticket and deductible since even though I have the extended doesn’t cover evil squirrels.

Reply to Ali

This is the one where I go “wow” a lot… We’re definitely going to have to do a photowalking tour when I move to the city. If you can make Lake Michigan look like that, I wanna know how.

Reply to Tasha

your son laughing and playing in the water makes some craptastic events of the day…..o.k. beautiful lake shot i want to stare at the water and dive in the sky.

waukegan beach? i was arrested there…..ONLY twice.

Reply to john

@Sarah Thank you! I know right lol, although Lake Michigan is pretty darn big!

@C Aww thank you so much!

@Jess Seriously, I am still upset over the filter and it doesn’t look like work carries the 52mm I need. lol, I don’t think the cop knew I took his photo… twice lol.

@Anna AHHAA yes! The dolphin cloud! So freaking awesome isn’t it?

@Alicia Thank you! It wasn’t a crappy day in itself, just had spurts of evilness.

@Sara Actually, the ONLY ONE SINGLE SHOT I got with the freaking filter is the 3rd photo down. With the wee one, he has some other choice words he’s picked up from me that I am trying to wean him off of heh.

@Tasha Thank you so much!!! I know, I realized later how “oceany” the photos looked lol. I think a lot of it depends on which beach you go to for Lake Michigan.

@Bonnie Thank you so much!!


I love the photograph of the cop car in the side mirror. At least you had a pleasant time. Even if you did lose a filter. Hopefully it wasn’t a very expensive one!

Reply to Erin

Beautiful pictures, especially the one with the cop car in the mirror of the car. You must have a really good camera (although I have to admit I don’t know much about cameras XD). I hope the filter you lost wasn’t too expensive. :(

Reply to Nanda

This is your 777 post.  I love that you took a photo AFTER you were pulled over.


Think I could ask you some Photoshop questions sometime? :)

Reply to Crys

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