The Silence is Deafening

September 27th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

I never know what to write anymore. I get home from work brain dead and sadly the new computer on my desk is pretty much useless lol, one of these days I wish I had the guts to convince my boss to get DSL and to start moving everything from paper to the computer.

I bought a mega huge thing of feta cheese so I would love some recipes to use it. I plan on making Tomatoes and goat cheese pasta from Kestrel who is my newest friend hehe. I even bought the spinach fettuccine to use!

I am also very much loving knitting. I need a more variety of knitting needles and yarn, so if anyone knits (and I know a few of you do!) I would love suggestions on where to buy some yarn, I do prefer varigated colors. As for needles most likely I will just purchase some off of Ebay. I wouldn’t mind some nifty patterns as well!

I still have billions of Gmail invitations! Oh and Visionary my photolog is updated!

Hmm I guess that is it because I need to make something for dinner and to figure out what to make for lunch tomorrow.

As for work, I was not feeling so good today, it was all I could do to stay awake and I had a stomach ache most of the day… that and nausea. I have no idea, maybe low blood sugar as I didn’t have any food for breakfast today. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!

Heh only 20 more days until my 23rd birthday.

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Yay! Have fun with the recipe! :)

Reply to Kestrel

Wow I love this site and the layout. Its so elequent and pretty. Reminds me a bit of myself. Well hope all is well with you. I absolutely love pasta, partly because it gives me a lot of energy but there are so many different varieties it never gets old. Makes me so hungry! I used to knit but gave it up after I continuously made a mistake until I had holes in my work. All my friends are obsessed with knitting it drives me nuts that they are able to finish beautifully knit clothes while I have failed miserably. Well I hope you feel better. Take care.

Reply to Joann

I have a fabulous recipe for you that uses feta cheese! It’s become a favorite in our household. I’ll post it over at my blog shortly for you. :)

Reply to Asherah

The best thing I ever did with Feta was to add it an English spinach to the top of a pizza. All you have to do is blanche the spinach (or defrost if your using frozen), chop the feta into smallish squares and stick them on top of the base spread with tomate paste (mixed with garlic if you like it)

Reply to Bec
vivi has a good article on knitting a bikini, its quite good, i made one last year.

Reply to vivi

happy birthday
do?um g

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beautiful site! I somehow found it through a bunch of links. I’m not very good at knitting so I’m no help, sorry! :)

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