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November 25th 2006 / 2 minutes to read

I was having freaked out nightmares last night. Just… psycho about murder and people that wouldn’t die just… ugh. Although the highlight was in the dream, that’s right, Daughtry was performing. Speaking of my love Daughtry, I was umm very excited that last night as I am yet again fighting with my DSL at home (it keeps dropping for hours at a time) that I suddenly hear the pure joy emit from my tv so I look over and it’s a commercial (promo) for Prison Break using Daughtry’s current single! I screamed of course and called my friend Mary to scream over the phone at her for a minute. Yeah. Good times.

So this morning I had to haul myself out of bed because I was so out of it due to the nightmares and such, called and talked to my Heather for a bit. She got to hear me get happy because I saw cardinals! A male and female. I didn’t get any good shots, not for a lack of trying though.

I have no clue what to do today although it’s a bit nicer weather wise. I desperately need to do laundry if not tonight, then tomorrow for sure.

I really want to take some portraits but I don’t know many people here, much less anyone that will let me take their photograph.

Oh and I almost forgot! My friend emailed me last night that her web design professor (she takes a class) said my site rocked! Ok maybe not rocked but that it was one of the best he’s seen! Also one of the guys at work said my photos are “fucking really good”, so I am full of creative pride.

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Just wanted to say your photos do *rock*.  I’m amazed, impressed, and wowed.  Keep snappin’, kitty.

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