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Spoke to Matt on and off today so that was nice.

Daniel went to sleep so I am sitting here, lack of energy, wanting to do some things…

If you are using a skin, which skin are you using?

What is a good way to put things on the wall without using tape or push pins? (I am in an apartment so I am very limited to what I can do with the walls sadly enough, I would just love to paint them! I can’t stand white walls!)

Pagan Voice has a new design! The Pagan@OSN Forums are jumping quite nicely for not even being up a week!

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posted on January 3rd 2004 at 3:47PM CST

I’m using skin 13.
The Voice looks very nice!
The only thing I can think of to use on walls is sticky tack, but that’s pretty much like tape…

posted on January 3rd 2004 at 4:55PM CST

I think the skin I have is 12 – the herb window garden theme – I love it.

There are several things you can use on walls. For heavier items there’s a sticky tape thing with a hook and for much lighter things there’s this putty like substance that you roll around in your fingers to heat up then stick to wall and picture.  It will leave a slight oil residue on the back of pictures or posters but it works nicely is easy enough to use so that if it falls you can just roll and stick again. 

That’s about all I can tell ya!

posted on January 3rd 2004 at 6:06PM CST

I suggest tac. It works really well. And although it leaves a little bit of a residue on the back, it doesn’t put holes in your walls, and it’s easy to take down and remove whenever you like.

I’m using the one with the red leaf. Je l’aime.

Angel Whispers
posted on January 3rd 2004 at 5:52PM CST

I’ve been switching back and forth from 11 to 12…lol I love them both!

I use blue tack for posters and such as Barb was talking about.

The hooks she spoke of are good too… for heavier objects.

If all else fails you can string a fish line across the wall from corner to corner to hang things from.  :o)

posted on January 3rd 2004 at 8:37PM CST

I’m using Skin 1. Sticky tack is what I use to put stuff up on my walls and I’m in an apt too :)

posted on January 3rd 2004 at 9:13PM CST

well, i don’t know what skin i’m using :( sorry! anyway, i suggest you use the glue tack (the thing that looks like a clay) so stick stuff on your walls :) Happy new year!

posted on January 4th 2004 at 12:00PM CST

I’m using 12.  I think it’s really pretty.  I would suggest using sticky tack (just like everyone else).

posted on January 4th 2004 at 5:32PM CST

Your site has skins! Awesome! I want to try that out with my site, too much work :(

posted on January 4th 2004 at 9:01PM CST

Thats awsome that you have skins :P I switched to the one thats pinkish with roses :P For putting stuff up maybe you could get shevles maybe? I dunno I use tape :P

posted on January 4th 2004 at 9:17PM CST

I’m using skin 12. It looks great:)

posted on January 5th 2004 at 5:24PM CST

You could always use clay to hold light things like paper up (of course, it wouldn’t do much for heavier objects, but it actually works for papers), and just wipe off any excess clay that stays behind afterwards with a damp cloth.

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