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I am tired and achy yet I can’t wind down enough to sleep. How much does that not help things heh. Today was cool because the awesome and fantastic Susie dropped by and gave me a festive holiday headband for the holidays! Oh how I miss her *sob* so that was very lovely.

I do plan on homemade gifts for people in general, except I do not get paid until the 26th so everyones cards and presents will be late. So yeah… expecting a card or anything from me? It’s going to be late.

Oh… and the customers I come across at work. Seriously. We are out of boxes. We never charged for boxes. First off… if we don’t have boxes don’t fucking complain about it. We do not owe you boxes so get off your lazy ass and go to the dollar store and buy a 50cent box. Second… do not scream at our managers to “get a manager!” when you KNOW you are speaking to them since they mentioned it ohhh about 30 times in the past 10 seconds how they ARE the manager. Third off… don’t just throw back the merchandise and demand to get a refund if we do not have a box. Fourth… stop stealing everything! We know you are doing it, we see you doing it, and fuck yes I am going to call mall security on your ass every single fucking time!

Ahem. Please respect your retail workers this long holiday season. Thank you.

So… if you were a person I adored… what kind of treat would you like to arrive in the mail? Be specific!!

I got this lovely goodness from Jenn!

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posted on December 24th 2003 at 9:27AM CST

I’ve seen a lot of different layouts and this i’ve never seen. and i love it so much. great work!

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posted on December 24th 2003 at 12:40PM CST

very well done site. and i like the name, too! and my december… great song.

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posted on December 24th 2003 at 1:26PM CST

Gosh, I know how you feel. I worked at a cashier at a grocery store and you really see how nasty people can be! Sure, there are the nice ones, but when it comes down to it…yikes. You can pull through, and just remember that it’s the one person that comes by every now and then that’s completely sweet and polite that makes it all worth it. Take care, dear. :)

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posted on December 24th 2003 at 8:28PM CST

Yikes! I wish I could be there to help you with the work, I’m sure most retail places and people need the extra help! People can be a little too nasty sometimes…selfish idiots! :) Well, I hope you’re able to get plenty of rest soon! Take care. Love and Peace.