September 10th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I only was 30 min late to work and I got a credit. So my credit streak is still in effect!

I finally… made a really hard decision. About myself. About my relationship, whatever it is, with Matt.

Daniel is sleeping right now, I should too since I work at 2p tomorrow being that it is 3:30am n everything lol.

I hope everyone likes the new layout since only one person seems to have noticed lol.

I am just… blah right now. I need to make a to-do list so I maximize my off days.

I answered more questions.

I have so much I want to say but right now I am just too tired to be of much use.

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Album Art for Faint

Linkin Park


Album Art for Given Up

Linkin Park

Given Up

Album Art for Don't Stay

Linkin Park

Don't Stay

Album Art for You've got the Love

Candi Staton

You've got the Love


wow i havent been here for ages! its still as good as ever:D eh,what were your decisions?

Reply to albee

your new layout is nice. it seems to match your mood. and yes you should be sleeping! why did you stay up so, late? you need your sleep!

Reply to mary

Awe, Sarah, now,now I commented on your layout right off, I just did so in my e-mail that came your way amidst everything else that was with it. 

I’d be blah at 3:30AM after working and the stress of the car deal too…

Reply to Barb

I commented when you showed me so I am IMMUNE!  It’s very gorgeous, as always :)  Psh, like you even need to ask?

Reply to Crys

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