March 21st 2002 / 2 minutes to read

I am in the mood to blog, but have not much to say! Currently, I am leaking like mad crazy while Daniel sleeps on Matt who keeps watching the most weirdest things on the television.
I keep thinking about if I should post pictures in my blog or not, I just get weirded out thinking about people somehow stealing Daniel’s photos and doing something not so nice with them. Of course, if you are one of the lucky few I adore, you can always email me and I will send you his latest photos.
I added yet another few links to the main link page. Still pondering what else I could add to OSN. Seems like everything has been done before. I would love to do something with photography, but considering my current living situation, there is nothing but Daniel, to take photos of, digital or film.
Sometimes I start thinking about how much more active I was online, or at least, how much more I would interact with people. Most of that was due to evil palace, well slightly evil since after all I did meet Crystaland Morgan who I can’t imagine not talking to weekly. I do miss that community feel, I suppose that’s why I brought back the forums.
Hmm, I suppose that is it for now, oh oh! Stop by the forumsand join and participate if you haven’t already! hehe okey, I shall write more later!

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