February 28th 2002 / 3 minutes to read

While Matt and Daniel are sleeping peacefully in the recliner, I feel I should attempt an actual post. {Hears the clapping}
Lately, I have been very introspective. Not in a sad, depressed, boo-hoo sort of way. Actually, its more of a “wow, I feel happy, oddly happy” sort of way. I feel creative. I feel light and airy. I feel like a kick ass mother. Heck even like a sex goddess. I am eager for Spring to come. All the fresh new beginnings, all the wonderful fresh smells in the air, the flowers, the green leaves on the trees…the nice warm air. I feel very… connected…I suppose you could say… to my life right now. I feel spiritual in a way that I have not felt in years. I only wish I had someone close by to share it with.
We need to move to a bigger city heh. I dislike the fact we can not open our windows for fear of creepy bugs coming in, or the fact the landlord has the doors locked to the building, as so NO police, medical, etc, type people can enter the building {it seems to be against saftey codes that this has happened} We want out of our lease, but aren’t sure where to go. Any suggestions on this? We want to move ASAP when we have enough money to do so. I want to be able to pull the shades up and let the sun and air in but can’t because of all the noise, bugs, etc. {sigh} I am very unsure of what to do on that situation.
I have been enjoying my time online more so than before as well, I seem to not look at sites for its design but more for its content and well, blogs. Yep. I am a HUGE blog fanatic. Hence me hosting THREE of them besides my own little creation. I started the forums in an attempt to have more interaction online, when I am online at least. So far it seems to be going well. I even added a few links to my links page earlier.
I suppose that is all I really have on my mind at the moment, after all it is very early in the morning, I should be sleeping but I don’t want to wake the males in my life any time soon. Perhaps I will just sit here and ponder on everything.

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