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posted on October 8th 2003 at 3:14AM CDT

Hi sarah! Well my website is up, im glad to have joined the osn clan hehe.  Sleep does wonders for me! If I haven’t had any sleep I look really bad, it’s amazing what sleep does.  What did you do for your 21st? Mine isn’t till next May but my mums already like “start planning” and I don’t know what to do, haha.

posted on October 8th 2003 at 5:21AM CDT

Have a good time with Mary! I know all about hellish work days. I’m home today because I feel as though a truck hit me all from extending my body beyond it’s ability at work yesterday.  There ought to be a law against putting people into positions where they can’t move for a week after a single day of work! I wonder if this is how the Egyptians felt building things from stone!

posted on October 8th 2003 at 7:56AM CDT

Good job on Pagan@OSN!  I’d definitely be willing to help you and Crys, but I’m not sure how much I could actually help you gals! Have fun with Mary, I hope she feels better after the car accident!

posted on October 8th 2003 at 9:45AM CDT

I hope you and Mary have a blast, I bet y’all will definitely have great stories coming out of that later. :D

And for some reason I can’t view the Pagan@OSN website properly; is there supposed to be an image at the top? I love the picture (and the font within!) at the bottom.

I hope your meeting next week goes well, let us know how it goes!

For your stress, take a hot bath. I know it’s a cliched suggestion, but hell, it works. Really well.