Thoughts on Babywearing & the Moby Wrap

November 10th 2009 / 2 minutes to read

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, Daniel, I always wanted to “wear” him.

I never got the chance due to his bio-father, instead I simply carried him in my arms… EVERYWHERE. I never minded it although at times I wish I had BOTH hands free… to even just type like I’m doing now! I never EVER wanted to be one of those “baby bucket” parents. I feel that car seats are meant for the car, not as a makeshift parent or sleeping area. Besides, babies are meant to be held and snuggled!

With Tristan however, I really wanted a wrap or carrier, after researching it I decided upon the Moby Wrap as my first wrap (I am also interested in woven wraps, would appreciate any suggestions/thoughts in the comments, and yes I am a member of The Baby Wearer lol.)

I sent Keith over to New Mother, New Baby which is a local store that sells the wrap, the owner was kind enough to stay open late for him as traffic was ultra congested at the time. He purchased me the red wrap which is an awesome color.


The learning curve has been a bit difficult for me, the top rail of the cummerbund never seems tight enough, although the wrap is secure, it always bothers me (this is specifically related to the front pocket wrap cross carry hold). I’ve expanded, just as of today even, to teaching myself to breastfeed in the wrap, and to do the front wrap cross carry hold which I find to be a bit easier/faster to do actually.

I am very pleased with our Moby Wrap, not only is the color of the wrap pretty (I was worried when Keith told me he purchased red, that it would be tomato red or tacky red, instead it’s an autumny maple red!), but I like having the ability to do different holds, it’s soft and snuggly for the baby, and it’s one-size fit’s all so it can fit me and also fit Keith (who is over 6ft tall).

So I am curious, do you babywear? Why/why not? If you do, what are/is your favorite type of carrier and why? Where is your favorite store to purchase from?

I am so interested in the responses!!

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I love my Moby! We’ve been using it lately to take Noah to the zoo and stores.

It doesn’t look like it’s being worn correctly in the picture above? The straps are supposed to go under the center panel, crossed. Although I’m not familiar with the hold you described.

I never got the hang of BFing in the wrap. Easy enough for me to pop the baby out, feed and pop him back in again.

Regarding the tightness, when I put mine on, I take the time to make sure the back panels are spread out across my back (you can do this yourself, it’s easier if someone does it for you) and I pull as TIGHTLY as possible at each step in the tucking, crossing, etc. When it comes time to tie the knot, I pull as tightly as I can. It will seem too tight, but even after it’s tied, you can stretch the front panels out quite a bit.
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The typical “newborn hug hold” in Moby terms is really a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, the hold I am doing is similar and is called the Front Wrap Cross Carry. For breastfeeding in the wrap I’ve followed this video on youtube.

In the PWCC, it’s literally the top rail in the cummerbund, everything else is as it should be, so I’ve found the FWCC works better because I can make sure the cummerbund fits AROUND the baby.


I really like the sling style wraps, I’ve used one for my nephew, and I purchased one for Jennifer ( when she was pregnant with Matthew. I got the HotSling brand, and they’re really nicely made and easy to use- NO WRAPPING!

I can really see the benefits of having the wrap style, though. It seems like you can do many more holds with them, and baby is closer to mama or daddy that way.
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My problem with sling style wraps is generally there is only two holds, cradle and hip. Also it relies on ONE shoulder so you end up with a sore back/shoulder especially with a bigger baby. However for a newborn, especially smaller ones that like the cradle hold, a sling like that could be useful for the short term!

do you babywear? Why/why not? If you do, what are/is your favorite type of carrier and why? Where is your favorite store to purchase from?

I do babywear. I’ve used everything from a maya wrap to a pouch sling to a ergo to a mei tai to a moby. I’m currently using a Dream Carriers pouch sling. It is by far my most favorite sling because its so easy to use. Because I wear it correctly, I don’t get any shoulder pain whatsoever.

I also love my Ergo for getting in and out of the car numerous times during the day. I did have to buy a strap extention for it because it didn’t fit me post baby weight. I’m expecting a dream carrier buckle tai in the mail any day now. Can’t wait to see it in action.


That is really cute! I think that would be something I’d want to invest in. I had heard about wraps but honestly didn’t know a lot about them. I agree about babies being snuggled and held, though. I’m not one for carseats either. I always feel so bad when I see babies in carseats wherever they go. I think that’s horrible.
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When I was pregnant a friend of mine got a sling at her baby shower. Before that I had never really considered babywearing, as the idea had just never come to mind. No one I knew had slings or wraps so I had never really seen it. When I saw her sling through, it was like a light bulb clicked in my head.
I ended up purchasing a Peanut Shell sling and that’s what I have been using for the last 7 months. It was kind of difficult at first, while using the cradle hold. I’m sure if I used it more when my daughter was still newborn it would have gotten easier, but the difficulty was a little discouraging. I started using the hip hold when she was about 3 months old and I love it. It kind of sucks though because even positioned correctly it can begin to hurt my shoulders after a while.
A couple of days ago I ordered a Moby Wrap and it is scheduled to arrive today. I am SO excited!!! I’ve wanted one for a while and I managed to find one at 15% off, so I took advantage. I ordered black, but after seeing how pretty that red is, I kind of wish I had been more adventurous. I’m stoked for all the different positions I can use and also I’m excited for the fact that my daughter’s weight will be more evenly distributed between both shoulders. I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas morning! LOL


Aw so cute, never seen one of those before but I bet they are really useful :)
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I am also a proud baby-wearer (although I would be hard-pressed to get my 4-year-old and even my wanting-to-walk-everywhere 17-month old in a sling these days…ha!) I mostly used one of the fleece slings from Kangaroo Korner for my second son. I was able to sit him facing forward and to use a few different positions once he was older, but I know what you mean about the strain that the sling-carriers put on one’s shoulder.

I must say too that I commend you for learning to breastfeeding while baby-wearing! I never quite got the hang of it, but maybe next time!
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@Noelove, I only base it off my sling experiences, Keith couldn’t wear it because he is so broad across the chest which made me unhappy, however I’ve seen a lot of people praise slings up through toddlerhood!

@Caity, I’m not surprised, so few people have seen anyone babywear that it’s like some sort of mystery! Plus so many people are detached from their children that they just leave them in their carseats 24/7.

@ Erin W., I can not wait to hear your moby wrap experiences! I also had a Peanut Shell for all of 2 weeks and we returned it, Tristan is not one for the cradle hold, plus I noticed I would be strained on one shoulder, also it was impossible for Keith to wear. It doesn’t hurt to buy more than one moby wrap or woven wrap! A lot of people have a large variety because they are so pretty!

@Damita, it’s fabulous it enables me to breastfeed hands-free or just to interact more easily with Daniel (playing games and such) and having the use of BOTH arms/hands. Also it makes Tristan feel more loved and secure.

@BirthingBeautifulIdeas, it took a LONG while and even posting a thread at TBW about it but yes, it’s ultra awesome to breastfeed hands-free!


I just have an infantino sling. Kenna liked it when she was still brand new, but since she’s gotten bigger it’s uncomfortable for both of us. I also have a snugli carrier and she likes that much more since she can see everything around her, and I like it because of the padded straps. =)
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Kristina Brooke

I wore my daughter until she was a little over a year. I used the Ultimate Baby Wrap which is very similar to the Moby Wrap. I bought mine from Amazon but Parents of Inventions is no longer manufacturing them. They are being sold at ebabycarriers ).

I am very well endowed so most slings did not work with me. The Wraps are truly One Size Fits All. I exclusively pumped for my daughter and I was able to pump and hold get skin time with my daughter while wearing the wrap.
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Reply to Kristina Brooke

All of my friends with new babies have a stretchy wrap of some kind or another – even those who aren’t really into the babywearing culture. I HAVE to have one if we should have a baby #3 – they look amazing. Love the color of that Moby – it’s stunning!

Reply to Megan@SortaCrunchy

@Ashley, I was never able to get Tristan to like being in a cradle hold in the wrap or sling, he really prefers to be upright / tummy to tummy.

@Kristina Brooke, oh I love our wrap and you’re right it works perfectly for us large breasted women!

@Megan, with my first I simply carried him in my arms 24/7 (car seats are meant for car rides only!) so the wrap (when I feel like it) let’s me be handsfree and still nurse the baby or walk outside (when it’s not frigid out lol). I love the color of our Moby, it’s the perfect shade of red!

Just a quick update – I FREAKING LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE (shout it from the rooftops kind of love) my Moby Wrap!!! The first time I put it on was a bit rough (it took me much longer than it should have to figure it out) and I thought it might not have been worth it. But I tried again the next day and it was significantly easier. I’ve gotten to where I can get it on and get Kairi in it comfortably in 2-5 minutes. It takes longer than the Peanut Shell, but I can put her in it for longer and it’s easier to maneuver in it. Plus, it’s so comfortable! Not only do I feel like I’m cradling my baby (even though she’s in the stomach to stomach – whatever it’s called position) I also feel like I’m being cuddled. HAHA. :)
Anyway. I love it.


Hi Sarah,
I have a moby wrap, a sling and two snugli carriers.
I prefer the moby wrap, as I find it most comfortable and easiest to put on, when at home. The sling puts too much pressure on one side of my back, which I already have problems with. My husband prefers the snuglis to the wrap, as he finds it simpler to put on, and it suits his outdoor lifestyle better, I suppose. But after a few weeks of travelling, he found the carrier tiring, and we broke down and bought a stroller. I still prefer the wrap though, for reasons of closeness and it is less cumbersome.

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